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Hi Does anyone know if French Opticians can accept a UK prescription? I Know it sounds odd but i had my eyes tested on my last visit to the Uk as i was worried about the French test. Thanks for any info. Anyone also know of an English speaking optician in Burgundy? ( Pref South)

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Can someone tell me how much we should expect to be repaid after a visit to the doctor.(23€) We are with CPAM and have top up insurance. Seems to have gone down to 15€ !!! I'm sure we used to get a lot more than this. Thanks.

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Is there any way how to check whose included on a Carte Vitale? My wife used to be on mine, but the doctor said she isn't anymore and needs her own.

started by: Clive71 · last update: 1338795602 · posted: 1317831090

Hi Can anyone tell me how I can get hold of the Heath books for children, they have the UK red books, but the doctor has requested the French equivelent. Thanks

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Hi again, Does the CPAM pay anything towards your child going to an Orthophoniste ( speech assistance!!) and is there a specific procedure to go through or can I just make an appointment myself? Has anyone elses child been to one as it was recommended by our child's teacher to help with French pronounciation. Thankyou in advance.

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can someone recommend a good hairdresser in beaune? french speaking hairdresser is okay. thanks! c

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Hi just read in a Uk magazine that Saflower could be a good herbal supplement for Osteoperosis conditions. Does anyone know what this could be in French at the many Herbal Chemists in Burgundy? Thanks for any help!

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Hi, Does anyone know of an English speaking or partially English speaking Dentist in the 58 region Thanks in advance

started by: Jennifer Shewry · last update: 1325509890 · posted: 1325509890

Can anyone please recommend a good, English speaking osteopath in Beaune? Thanks

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Hi, just to let people know there is an English speaking optician based in Chagny now. Please PM me if you would lkie the contact details. Apparently he is licensed to check your eyes against your current prescription and do new ones if your prescription hasn't changed, otherwise he will direct you to the opthalmologist for a full examination.

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Hi have any other mums given birth in Burgundy? Im a little apprehensive / wooried as ive only limited French and its my first. I know the French health system is very good but id love to hear any experiences good or bad. Thanks

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Anyone found one? There must be one somewhere in the 21 area, musn't there?

started by: Emma-462416 · last update: 1315042988 · posted: 1307361580

My parents are moving to Tonnerre near Auxerre and I am searching for an english speaking GP in the area. Can anyone help please?

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Hi I have been having a lot of issues with a 10 year old injury to my right knee. Have spent the last few weeks trying to walk with crutches but it looks like no end to the wait for things to improve. At age 65, thought i may be too old for a new knee, but will ask if anyone has had a knee replacement in Burgundy, what is your opinion of the care and support, did you feel your medical doctor was ok, and i guess most importantly are you happy you did it and would you do it again ? Thanks for any advice.

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Please, does anyone know of a very very good dentist in the Beaune area, I have tried two up to now and I am not impressed. Think I have to have a back tooth out, OUCH!!! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Being an independent business, our health cotisations go to RSI.On the detail sheets received from RSI following doctors and pharmacy fees charged, reimbursed etc. Anybody know what " Participation Forfait récupérée" refers to? Seems to be a willy nilly reduction made in what we are repaid, have examined the RAMGAMEX website and can find no explanation. Thanks in anticipation

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I drove home from Chalon last Thursday through the fields of colza (rape in English) and the smell was overpowering. By the time I got home I was sneezing, coughing, feverish etc. I have never before had such a severe reaction to pollens etc. With it being Easter I had four days of trying home remedies, hot water, towel over head with tea tree in the vapour, paracetamol, honey and lemon drink etc. The doc was open yesterday so I got some anti-histamines so a bit better today, thank goodness. Is anyone else suffering? Is it unusually high in pollens this year with the early hot weather? Meteo pollen count was Moyen!!

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After a very cold winter my once nice skin now no more, has any one got any recommendations for homeopathic oils or creams to moisturise this problem as i cant get hold of the oil i used in the UK (is it always this cold in winter?)

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Hi our dentist's receptionist in formed me today that our carte vitale needs updating. Weve only had it 5 months and after waiting over a year to get it im a little confused on how to do this, do i ring them? Has anyone else had to do this? Thanks

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Hi.Can anyone point me in the right direction to find a Doctor who speaks English in the Dijon/Semur/Veneray area? Many thanksKim

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