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Hi, We have been living in France with our 2 young boys, who both attend french schools, since September 2008. We have received a letter from CPAM stating our e106 will expire on 1st January 2010 and are requesting another. We are unable to obtain another E106 to keep our carte vitale. We are in our late 30's and are in the process of setting up our own business which is not earning any money as yet so paying for private health insurance for the whole family will be impossible. We would be grateful to receive any comments and ideas of what we can do.

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Do ticks attach to humans, as after taking my dog for a walk this morning through fields i had to remove a very painful thing which i believe to be a tick from my leg. I didnt believe they could live on humans!!

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Does anyone have any idea of where I can Buy cod liver oil capsules? Have looked in the supermarkets but to no avail, Many thanks

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Hi, Does anyone know of any natural sleeping remedies as ive been having trouble sleeping at nights. Any home made remedies or equivalents to Kalm nights etc. Thanks

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Hi, just recieved a letter saying i think that im eligable for this, but we havn't the foggiest what it is, can anyone help and explain this thanks

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Hi, Is there a French version of alka seltzer or gaviscon available here as my uk supplies have run dry and will need some for the festive season Thanks

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Both my kids have come home this evening from school with letters advicing them to get the Grippe a vaccine.Has anybody else recieved one of these and just how bad is it here in France, I know in the UK it seems to have stablised somewhat.Also does anybody have any information about the vaccine and possible side effects etc. Thanks j

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Has anybody been to a french opticians for an eye test, is it like the Uk test.Also what are the comparable costs of the test and the glasses compared with the Uk as ive heard glasses are expensive here.

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Hi could anyone tell me if some chemists open here on a Sunday as they do in the uk, where there is a rota system? Many thanks

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Hi, I need a health top up which i think is called a mutuelle, has anyone got any recommendations as to who to call who speaks English Thanks

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Hi,Ive just been told i need surgery on my troublesome knee.Having never been for surgery to a French hospital or an English one at that, has anybody had any surgery in France who can maybe put my mind at rest. Thanks

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Hi, does anyone know the equivalent name for 'Savlon' I can buy at the Chemist. Thanks in advance

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Does any kind soul know how long a french presription is valid for? thanks

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Does anybody know how long to expect to wait fot thr carte vitale.Weve been waiting for over 18 months now.We are in the system and have attastations in the form of letters,but im fed up with having to get these pieces of paper out at doctors chemists and the like only to be asked'where is your CV'?

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Hi has anyone come across a hockey club in Burgundy.Im not sure if they play even play it in france but one of my daughters really miss it from the uk.

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Hi is anyone else been eaten alive this summer,we sleep with nets round us and have the plugins,but nothing seems to be working this summer.Does anybody have any good preventatives, old wives tales, homeopathic etc. My last two bites were on my neck, from taking the dog for a walk this lunchtime on a canal bank lokk like ive been biten by a vampire!!!

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Can anyone with children in france solve my confusion over the BCG TB jab. I understood that my children required it as soon as they were in the french school system, however when I went to the doctors she said it was no longer given. When the children had a health check at school they said that it was required. A friend of mine also went to a different doctor and is having her children innoculated. What have other people experienced when bringing children to France ? Thanks

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Hi can anyone recommend an anti histamine tablet available at chemists as ive no idea what to asl for.Thanks

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I just received my carte vitale and am keen to get a mutuelle before i have to pay for a visit i've just had to the dentist. Can anyone recommend any one? i have had one quote at 40 euros a month for complete cover and heard a friend only paid 28 euros for top level cover? is it worth getting top level cover when i'm a twenty eight year old, relatively healthy young woman

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Hi I seem to be plagued this year by insect bites.I wasnt bothered here last year,but this year im been eaten alive.We sleep in nets and have mosquito repellant all round the house so i dont know what is biting me, there is no feel to them until they start to itch and have a slight swelling. When rubbed the skin breaks and weeps until they harden. I use an after bite solution on them which smarts slightly until they begin to itch again.Has anyone any suggestions please???

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