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Hi I seem to be plagued this year by insect bites.I wasnt bothered here last year,but this year im been eaten alive.We sleep in nets and have mosquito repellant all round the house so i dont know what is biting me, there is no feel to them until they start to itch and have a slight swelling. When rubbed the skin breaks and weeps until they harden. I use an after bite solution on them which smarts slightly until they begin to itch again.Has anyone any suggestions please???

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Has anyone out ther bought glasses from a french optician? what is refunded by cpam for adults and kids? Thanks

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Hello,popped to ikea yesterday and amongst buying allsorts of bits was surprised that they sell suncream at very good prices.Im always at a loss why things like that seem to be very expensive here.(miss Superdrug etc).

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Hi I could have sworn that someone told me last year that there was a body shop opening up somewhere in Buurgundy but i cant remember where.Has anyone seen it. Many thanks

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Hello,just wondering if there are any avon ladies in Burgundy,as im missing quite a few of their products.

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hi dont want to start panicing just yet,but ive just been reading about a conffirmed case in northern spain and it seems to be getting closer.does anyone know anything about this disease,wondered if france has a plan etc?

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Hello all,just got back from a very painful(in mouth and in wallet)visit to my dentist who says i need a crown.the cost of this at its very cheapest will be €700 with only around €100 been able to be claimed back.Does this sound about right,as i nearly had a heart attack!!!!! thanks

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