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Given that it will be illegal to repair iol fired boilers from January 2022 we were thinking of changing to a granule system. Does any-one have any comments or ideas? With the current fiscal advantage it looks a good deal but...

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Hi to all, Yesterday I discovered in my lawn a hole about the size of a 50p piece with wasps flying in and out so Im guessing its a nest? anyway whats the best way to get rid of this before summer starts in full swing and we all get covered in stings! Is there a product which works to spray down or the like? many thanks, Belle

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Bonjour tout le monde (hello everyone),I have just left my gardening job down on the riviera where I have been working in a t-shirt for a couple of weeks and am now en route for another couple of jobs in Dordogne. After these I was supposed to be doing some work in the auvergne,but that has unfortunately beeen cancelled.     I have decided that I will come via Burgundy en route for Brittany ( yes I know how big a detour it is) so that I can watch a few rugby matches and share a few beers and a bit of banter with mr Wozza.  Whilst in the area I have not got any work lined up until later on into the spring on the following visit,so thought that I would put out some feelers with regards to picking up some work whilst I am in the area.     I am a 46 years young and healthy welsh self employed Gardener/Landscape gardener who specializes in dry stone walling and am well recommended by many locals and expats in the area,with a few who use this site,and I am sure that they will happily pass on good comment if you need them too.  I am the flying dragon (my red camper) so can stay locally and to the job and am completely independent (maybe to a fault) and like to start early and put the hours into getting the job done quickly. My very deserved hourly rate is 16.50 euros.    It would be nice to find an extra bit of work whilst I am in the area to stop my funds dropping too much,though it is not essential. I shall be coming anyway !!!     To everyone else in the area who already know me,I shall take time to pop in and visit all of you if it is possible.   I hope that you are all well and that 2018 is starting off positively and hapily for you.     A bientot mes amis ( see you soon my friends )   Love and light   Jamie and Cockney the wonderdog.  xxx        gerdweller@hotmail.co.uk     p.s I shall and check my mail every few days when I come across wifi zones

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Hello everyone,Does anybody know of any large stores which sell a lot of Christmas stuff (decorations, food, trees, lights, etc)? I am looking for something similar to the British garden centres like Ruxley Manor or Summerhill Garden Centre? Something massive, the sort when you go in in the morning and come out in the evening :-) Thank you in advance!

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At this time of year, i unfurl the pool cover only to discover an alien world has formed below. As I say, if you leave a pool and an australian for a winter, only one will develop a culture!In this case, any tips on new products to speed up the degreening and deleafing would be appreciated. I did discover my heat pump will not operate if I open the valves from the pump fully.As I have worked through most of the alien culture world sub cover maybe i can help others too.

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Hello we are a family of 3 looking for a property to rent withIn 20 minutes of Dijon. Looking for 3 bedrooms, unfurnished with a budget of 650€. We are moving to the area due to my husband's work currently we are living on the west coast of France. We've previously lived in Chalon Sur Saone so know the area. We are looking for a long term let of at least 1 year starting early July. Thanks in advance. 

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Hello!  I am an American and I bought a place in Burgundy last year. I will be coming over in September and need a good english speaking carpenter in the Yonne district. Also interested in finding someone to handle cleaning and key change as I would like to start renting out in 2018. merci beau coup!

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We are retiring this summer and want to rent a house and garden long term to ensure that both France and the region are suitable for us.so if you have a house that you want looked after or that you are holding off selling until the market improves do please let me know.many thanksrich 

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Can anyone let me know the email or contact number of this well known traveller as I've lost his contact details in my old phone.

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We have had our holiday house near Igornay for 12 years and have always had plans to improve it. We are finally committing to make a start in 2017! One step closer to moving there?Really looking for recommended trades people who can speak some English and happy to use email, in following areas:- Windows & Shutters - Garden landscape (specifically creating some terraces)- Barn conversion (starting with the roof and upper floor install).If anyone can point us in the right direct we'd appreciate it!Thanks.

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With this lovely mild weather we are having at the moment ,I have been getting out in the garden. Anyone else noticed that the spring bulbs are coming up already?  I am glad to say I have now rescued my garden from the bramble filled patch it was. The locals like to call it the" park" and are intrigued by my vegetable raised beds. Though I have to say, I did have the help of a wonderful  hard working, landscape gardener whose knowledge of  rebuilding dry stone walls gave me the perfect look for my Burgundy garden. I wish we where able  to upload photos on this site. It might just be the inspiration for someone who also has an over grown bramble, Japanese knot weed, filled garden. I have also just planted some more box hedging which I had sent from England, very cheap and good quality  plants. Worked out about  .75p a 20cm plant. Much cheaper then buying from garden centers here in France, even with the shipping cost.  I can PM information if you are in need of a reasonable priced gardener or box hedge plants. Happy gardening.

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Hi - anyone travelling to Burgundy from Dorset with some space in a van or trailer for 2 wooden beehive shape compost bins and a cast iron bedstead (already disassembled); will pay a fair rate! Any time in the next few months, can arrange local access for delivery any time. Many thanks, Piers.

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Hello, we are renovating an old house... Installing under floor heating, speaking to a very nice person M.Bonnici . Has anyone used his company?

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My husband and I are from Australia and purchased a home at Montbard. It is totally empty and we arriving soon to purchase everything from furniture to toilet brushes.  Which are the best stores (and nearest?)to buy from and will they deliver at reasonable rates?We are looking at bulk buying eg 4 beds,lounge,white goods plus cultlery crockery etc. Our thought was to buy the essential basics then look around for nice feature pieces to give the home the "French look".  Would appreciate any guidance/tips on where to shop.  

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Hi, does anyone know if it's possible to claim a piece of land as it is in the UK. There is a small plot next to our garden and nobody knows who owns it? We have been to the mairie and been told that it could take years to find out but until then it must be left weed covered and empty whereas it would be a great addition to our property.

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Hello All,We are desperate for some help in removing a bee colony from our chimney. They arrived last June and we have exhausted all advice for persuading them to move on. The pompiers don't want to know and the local beekeepers have ignored our phone calls. The chimney is 3 storeys high so beyond our vertigo-inflicted ability to get to. The chimney has a very necessary wood-burner so the bees really can't stay but we are loath to kill them. We would be delighted if they would stay in our garden. Does anyone know if placing a beehive nearby is enough to encourage them to move? Any advice would be welcome.

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I am looking to buy some eggshell fiish paint but Im at a loss as to what I should be looking for here in France,,,anyone help or recommend one perhaps? Thanks

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We'll be renting out our home seasonally and looking for a good linen service to take away sheets and supply clean ones. Any one know if a linen service that covers the northern Burgundy area?

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