Aggressive wasps

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Were noticing the wasps are more aggressive than usual round our way. Lots of people getting stung. I found a wasps nest in an old mole hole in the lawn - hundreds of the buggers in there and very nasty ones too. I thought sod the hose pipe ban and left it down there for a couple of hours then finished them off with a wasp aerosol spray. Check your lawns as they would do well in Syria those wasps. Oh and Fenistil drops for those that get caught.

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itinerant child-414831 1437423871

I hate agression,kill the sodding things ;-)

I am of course joking,I think that wasps are such lovely creatures !!!!

Tigger-459388 1438089568

Hi Simon.

I find the same thing with traffic wardens in Paris.  However, I do like the solution offered by Jamie, in his first sentence.

simonarn 1438157077

Parisian traffic wardens? in July? a rarity indeed!

Tigger-459388 1438553082

It's all changing, Simon.  Until this year, you could park in Paris, during August, for no charge.  That bonus has now gone, the charges are up and everyone has to p ay in August.  Furthermore, I've seen them towing cars at 06.30 a.m.

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