Bee swarm in the chimney

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Hello All,We are desperate for some help in removing a bee colony from our chimney. They arrived last June and we have exhausted all advice for persuading them to move on. The pompiers don't want to know and the local beekeepers have ignored our phone calls. The chimney is 3 storeys high so beyond our vertigo-inflicted ability to get to. The chimney has a very necessary wood-burner so the bees really can't stay but we are loath to kill them. We would be delighted if they would stay in our garden. Does anyone know if placing a beehive nearby is enough to encourage them to move? Any advice would be welcome.


anny-5769 1461950411

We had the same problem but were unable to find a solution. Unfortunately the bees had to go.

Maisie-886960 1462006545

Hello anny,

Can you tell me how you got rid of them, please?

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