Botanic nr Clamecy

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Which is the nearest one to chez you Tigger?

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simonarn 1453104392

Never mind. I guess Tigger was too busy delivery Les meals pour vous in his white van.

I was only 30 km away Tigger in a small village not far from Donzy collecting our new lab. 

Next time.

itinerant child-414831 1453572240

I hope that it was not a meth lab Simon ?

Sorry,not long watched Breaking bad again !!!!

Tigger-459388 1453583721

Sorry Simon, yes I have been busy but not in the van, it'll be a while before it's ready.

There is definitely a garden centre in Clamecy, next to Leclerc.  There was another one next to Clamecy train station but I'm not sure if it still exists, as I haven't been there for a few years.  Neither one is worth a long drive, IMHO.

simonarn 1453616032

not to worry. i got the puppy food in a supermarket in Charite sur Loire.

lovely area you are all in!

itinerant child-414831 1453658929

The garden centre near le clerc  in clamecy is a gamm vert and is the same as all the other ones. They are a bit pricey for dog food.

With wozza being in vezelay,I think that it would be great if we could all meet up for a decent glass of wine in a local bistro one day. xx

simonarn 1453664798

that works for me

Lynne-997939 1456155602

If you do all meet up at Vezelay I would love to join you. I moved here end of September and am only a few miles from Clamecy. I have made a few friends locally but do find myself a bit isolated occasionally as I live in a very small (but beautiful) village. Would be great to meet up with some other english speakers and share their experiences of this lovely area.


itinerant child-414831 1456166528

I shall post a thread on here in advance when I am visiting wozza in 2 or 3 months time in vezelay and maybe we can sort out a local meet somewhere on a nice terrace! It need not be vezelay,but anywhere that we can relax and enjoy a glass of local raison juice !!

I will bring this subject back up again soon,as it would be nice to meet some of you lovely people :-) and as for you,you will get to see the rumours about my stunning beauty have obviously been fabricated.

Luvnstuff to all

Jamie xx

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