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Hello everyone,Does anybody know of any large stores which sell a lot of Christmas stuff (decorations, food, trees, lights, etc)? I am looking for something similar to the British garden centres like Ruxley Manor or Summerhill Garden Centre? Something massive, the sort when you go in in the morning and come out in the evening :-) Thank you in advance!


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I am having a bit of a giggle at the comment  "The sort of place you go in in the morning and leave again in the evening".

This is because I can think of at least three users of angloinfo Burgundy who will be thinking "The pub" :-)

I have come across a few shopping centres in some of the larger towns that have all that under one roof albeit scattered around a few different shops,but do not know if there is anywhere here in Dijon or auxerre !

anyone ?

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I don't know if this helps, but Ikea now have a lot of Christmas stock in and if you're anything like my partner, you will be able to spend half a day there.  There is one in Dijon:

However, I am only talking about Christmas stock as Ikea's selection of living plants etc. is limited to the point of almost non-existent..

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Summerhill Garden Centre I had to Google that as been out of the UK for a while now. I don't think there's such a place in France. If you're in Paris during the last week before Christmas you may find sort of what your seeking at La Galerie Lafayette & the street market stalls

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Thank you everyone for the replies! Ikea is relatively close to my house, so I'll check it out. But I think someone should start this sort of business in France, I mean they love Christmas too, so where are the proper Christmas shops?? Could be a profitable business, je pense...

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Hello, If you are looking for giant stores in the Dijon area for Christmas supplies, you will find some Christmas joy in the huge supermarkets in Chénove. Also there is a really nice garden centre on the outskirts of Dijon called 'botanic' but not sure how much Christmas stock they hold. I think it is worth bearing in mind that Christmas in France is not such a commercial affair as in the U.K., they concentrate more wonderful food and family gatherings.

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Try Botanic

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I went to Botanic last week, it's not very big here in Quetigny - well, not big enough for me :-) - and they didn't have any Christmas stuff there yet but I'll have a look again in a couple of weeks.

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Talking of Christmas, has anyone managed to get their heads around the Gifi shops, not quite sure of the market they are aiming at!

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Update: went to Villa Verde garden centre near Dijon yesterday. Not massive but they have a nice selection of Christmas decorations, lights, trees, etc. Was going to pop into a big Botanic nearby but didn't have the time.

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