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Can anyone let me know the email or contact number of this well known traveller as I've lost his contact details in my old phone.


wozza89 1476465899


Here's Jamies e-mail address  you may have to wait a while for a reply as he's on holiday

itinerant child-414831 1476612482

Hi Steve,as usual Wozza is absolutely right. I am down in your old stomping ground in the 06 at the moment doing a bit of wolf tracking in Mercantour.

At least I am down in your old stomping ground if you are the steve I think you are near saulieu !!

If not,then all but the email address is utter tosh,and as anyone on here who knows me,it is a rare occasion that I talk tosh ;-)

Hello to everyone else in beautiful burgundy,I hope that you are all well and that life is full of fun and positivity for you all.

Love and light

Jamie and cockney xx

itinerant child-414831 1476612746

oops call the bad writing police as that should of read " and as anyone on here who knows me will untruthfully vouch "

Steve-869034 1476873239

Hi Jamie

I will be in Nice area myself from the 27/10 - 9/11 if we have a chance to meet up for a beer? I'd like to book you in for some work in Burgundy in the Spring too.

Hope you're enjoying the sunshine in 06 !!

itinerant child-414831 1476892235

Hi Steve,I shall be meeting up with a new client between le lavendou and st tropez in the var first thing on the 28th and want to get there a couple of days early to suss out the parking options in the area so I guess that as nice as it would be to see you near nice I doubt that time will allow it. Please send me an email with your idea's for the springtime and I will let you know if it will be possible.

I hope that all is well with you and the girls.


Jamie xx

itinerant child-414831 1482165656

Bonsoir steve et les filles.

If you are still in need of a hand in the springtime please get in touch very soon with what it is that you need doing and how long it may take and I may be able to fit it in between jobs in other area's. Do contact me soon though,as bookings do start coming in from now as people start giving thought to the folowing year.

I have just started planning next years movements on my tour around france (well,one of them) and for the moment I have no bookings in the burgundy area,though as things are sitting at the moment,a visit in late february early march (ish) could be possible before getting back to Brittany for my hedges and strimming.

I hope that all is positive and well for you and the family and I wish you a happy solstice ,very merry xmas and a magnificant new year.

Love and christmas lights

Jamie xx

itinerant child-414831 1485937476

Hi Steve,do you still want a hand soon?

I shall be here in the var sorting out this very large and neglected garden until late febuary and then have to go back towards Brittany and have a couple of one day gardening jobs and wall fixes on offer,but as usual they are both in parts of the country whereas the laws of fuel costs and geographical synchronicity wil not allow me to do both. If I know that I have to come up to help you,then I can choose my route back north and know which of the other two jobs to accept.

I hope that you will be enjoying the rugby in the comfort of your little bar this weekend !

Vive les six nations :-)

A bientot ( j'espere )

Jamie x

Steve-869034 1485943767

Hi Jamie

Happy New Year !

We are still down in the 06 area until end of February too and heading back beginning of March.

I would like the potager pruning and the site cleared to lay some gravel to allow for additional parking. There is the front of the garden too behind the wall which I want to cut back so it is easier to manage.

Looking forward to the rugger, could be anyone of 3 I think for the title.

Let me know dates of arrival near the time if you get near to us.



itinerant child-414831 1487501779

So sorry not to have responded sooner old boy,I did not notice that you had posted on here.

If you have changed your mobile number I can not give a ring to let you know,but if there is a couple of days with you,then I can come back up that way in a couple of weeks time. If the start of march ish is ok with you,can you please text me on 0673 631996 (I dont answer to anyone not in my contacts due to stupid amounts of rubbish calls).

I shall be finishing this job in a couple of days,but shall take a few days holiday down here on the coast and watch round three of the six nations then have got a couple of days gardening to do in the vaucluse,and if I hear back from you will then take my time coming up through the mountains to get to you.

The last three weeks have been masonry work fixing up steps and walls with mortar and I look forward to doing some normal gardening again.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Love to all

Jamie and cockney xx

itinerant child-414831 1487600296

Oh,Forgot to say steve,I hope that you saw (no doubt you did) the wales-england game. I can only say one word about it fanbloodyexitingtastic !!

Probably the best match of rugger that I have ever seen. England were attacking with a ferocity that would of put most of the southern hemisphere teams on their backside and our welsh boys were defending like oliver cromwell was trying to move in again. There were moments were I was actually cheering on england as well as wales,just because of the effort being put it.

I did not have the slightest bit of disapointment with being a fan of the losing side, my only disapointment was someone had to lose.

Lets hope for another three rounds of rugby with that sort of intensity.

You should get the slam,but who knows,there may be surprises in the tournament yet.

Vive les six nations xx

itinerant child-414831 1487601002

My english has been on the windowsill for a long time,but is definately going out of the window now. Is it I hope you saw,or hope you sore? in fact,I am quite sure that  "got to see" would of worked perfectly.

Well,I am welsh !!!!!!

itinerant child-414831 1487694307

As this is on a public forum,I thought that I would just say to anyone who has been following this thread,Steve has been in touch with me and I shall be back in the lovely company of you burgundy dwellers in a couple of weeks time. I hope to get to see as many of you that I know whilst I am in ther area.

Exited and looking forward to having a swim in my favourite lake at st agnan ;-)

Look forward to seeing you guys soon

Love and light

Jamie and cockney xx

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