Eggshell Paint

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I am looking to buy some eggshell fiish paint but Im at a loss as to what I should be looking for here in France,,,anyone help or recommend one perhaps? Thanks


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You can order it from the U.K. here:

However, it will probably be expensive.  Good luck!

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If you know anyone who's going to the U.K.  B & Q sell it.

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Hello Simon,
I'm sorry I'm so late with this reply but maybe it will come in handy in the future.
Eggshell paint is called Emulsion Satinee in France. Paint is notoriously expensive here and so it is best to stock up when back in the UK. However, I have found a company called Papillon DĂ©coration [] who sell all sorts of brand name paints at the same price as you'd find in the UK. For example we bought Farrow and Ball eggshell from them for exactly the same price as we'd have paid in B&Q - and delivery was free! Worth a look.

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