Finding stone in Burgundy,

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Flossie 1510588908

Hi Everyone, We are looking at having a 5 metre garden wall built and want to use old stone rather than buy it direct from a quarry. Does anyone know where to locate stone from perhaps an old building, is it a case of visiting the local maires?

itinerant child-414831 1510590522

Hi Flossie,you are looking against the odds. I am a dry stone wall specialist and have great problems finding good local stone with a few good faces on it that will make a nice wall. Some quarries do sell some nicely dressed stone as do some of the big building suppliers but do be prepared to pay a lot for it.

You could put an ad in the wanted section of your local paper or even a card up in the supermarket looking for stone from old buildings but as a rule you will often need to go and take down an old building yourself to get the stone for free.

Whereabout are you ? If you are nearby any of my contacts I may be able to get word out for you to try and locate some decent stone. Are you after a dry stone wall or a cement wall ? if the latter,then you can accept a lesser quality stone.

Another question for the public to ask will be - five metres by what in height? Same again dry or cement will depend on the thickness needed and a dry wall will need at least twice the amount of stone.

I will happily drop by when I am next in the region to have a look and advise,but that will not be until about the end of February-start of march as I will be in working in the west,south and south east until then.

Very best wishes

Jamie x

Flossie 1510728826

Thanks Jamie for your response, ideally it would be about 4 feet high and a dry stone wall but that will depend on the cost and availability of stone. We are near Saulieu and will have to check re permission from the maire as we are close to a chateau. Hopefully a traditional wall won’t be a problem.

Many thanks


Tigger-459388 1510763707

Flossie, with tremendous respect, you would be well advised to take Jamie up on his offer to have a look and advise.  He is a professional who builds/rebuilds stone walls for a living and, therefore, his advice would be invaluable.  Furthermore, he may be able to suggest ways in which you can get the same result at a lower cost. 

Flossie 1510844045

Thanks Tigger, we will certainly need Jamie’s help with the wall.

Jamie, if you really don’t mind dropping by in the Spring that would be great. We are in no desperate rush to get it done, and are happy to wait for your advice. In the meantime we can check the possible planning issues. 

itinerant child-414831 1510847266

Thank you Tigger for those kind words.

Flossie,if you send me a private mail on saying "Jamie you are beautiful" or some other rubbish,I will then have your email adress and can then get in touch with you when I am in the area.

Just a thought,If you do need to order some stone from somewhere,you can find online calculators that when you put in the lengh,height and width they will tell you how many square-cubic metres you will need. I would recommend that you go for a thickness of 60-65 cms on a four foot high wall,which would give it plenty of stability. As I am sure you already know,a dry stone wall is a puzzle in that every stone has its place and it is for the artist-mason to make each stone find that place,with this in mind I think that it is always best to order a bit more than what you need and if there is much left over,you can always use the stone in another feature that will match up with the wall.

Another valuable tip is to collect as many small stones in the meantime as you can find. It is all of these small stones that get placed between the larger stones in the centre of the wall and that stops any movement and they area very important part of getting it right. These stones can be from pea size,through golf ball size upto fist size. A good few thousand can disapear easily. Flat stones or roof slate can be very handy too to help remove any wobble. I personally do not like to use much earth as it can move in very wet conditions and in hard frosts,but a small pile of earth can be used throughout the consruction too.

Keep us (especially me) posted if you find a good supplier of decent stone as I have got another few walls to repair in Burgundy over the next few years and may well nedd some good stone myself.

I hope all is well with you and everyone else on here.

Love and light

Jamie x

Tigger-459388 1510928361

"Jamie you are beautful"  ??????? 

Flossie 1510930860

Thanks Jamie for the info, I had to re read the mention of a few thousand disappearing stones!! I’ll pop an email over to you now. 

Have a good weekend


itinerant child-414831 1511012302

I am beautiful in the extreme!!!  Any ugly person will tell you that true beauty is on the inside ;-)

Tigger-459388 1511222877

Whereas my friend. A butcher may tell you the reverse. Only joking Jamie. :-)

itinerant child-414831 1511259025

I have no problems with you talking tripe Tigger :-)

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