Furnishing and setting up a home in Montbard

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My husband and I are from Australia and purchased a home at Montbard. It is totally empty and we arriving soon to purchase everything from furniture to toilet brushes.  Which are the best stores (and nearest?)to buy from and will they deliver at reasonable rates?We are looking at bulk buying eg 4 beds,lounge,white goods plus cultlery crockery etc. Our thought was to buy the essential basics then look around for nice feature pieces to give the home the "French look".  Would appreciate any guidance/tips on where to shop.  


Tigger-459388 1453584341

It's all down to budget.  If you budget is limited, it may be that you'll end up at Ikea.  It's the place that everyone loves to hate, but if you shop wisely, it can be O.K.  I have no idea where the nearest one to Montbard is.  There is one in Evry near to Paris.

simonarn 1453617017

The ony problem with Ikea is it is flat packed so if time is a factor then you have to consider that.

For electrical stuff ( washing machines tv etc) try Darty or Boulanger. Darty in Nevers, Boulanger in Auxerre and they will deliver.

For furniture its as Tigger says , a budget and taste question but a little internet searching should do it. Search Literie for beds and meubles for furniture and they will probably deliver. Tableware and so on Ikea or even the local hypermarket will do as a quick and cheap start. Buy the minimum and then move in to find what you really want.

MJS-462688 1453702063

Nearest Ikea to Montbard is Dijon  Good for the basics, though you won't get that French look. As simonarn said it's flat packed, time consuming to put together and unless you do a ikea hack. Can make your dream French country house look like  an ikea store.Don't get me wrong I shop at ikea too.

Maisons du monde also in Dijon and online has some nice pieces, they also deliver.  It depends on your budget, in a past life I was an interior designer. I worked on projects where the client would spend thousands of dollars just on rug. I think you can achieve a beautiful home with a limited budget,   if  you choose a few good pieces of furniture from a flea market  add some nice soft furnishings . if you PM me I will send some photo's of what I achieved on my cheap and cheerful budget. I wish you all the best in your new home in France.

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Hi and  welcome to Burgundy 

You can always try Ammaus-france.org

Its  a charity which sells second hand  things everything from furniture including beds to crockery.

They will certainly have things to keep the french look of yesteryear

I dont know if they deliver but they have a van so if the orice is right i suspect they can be persuaded


bon courage 

stevelaf50-461942 1453706398

ops sorry cant type its Emmause-france.org


your nearest shop will be planay 

1 rue de la Tonille

21500 PLANAY

Phone: 03 80 81 42 78



denisefincham 1453715540

Thank your each so much for your great tips which give me courage on this journey!

we will not be doing the IKEA thing as we are not good at assembly projects so will try the other stores suggested and certainly the local markets for special pieces Any tips on best markets?

MJS I will attempt to PM you as I would love to see what you have done!

Again,Merci ????????????????????



denisefincham 1453715685

Don't know where those question marks in my previous post came from ,in case you were wondering!

Ray Leggett 1453725912


Having seen your kind response to the people in Montbard. I would be inteested in seeing your pictures of the refurb. being quite incapable of gettng anything right decor wise. Thankyu in avance

Tigger-459388 1453727779

Hi again.

If you have access to Paris, you could try Craigslist.


Then, click on the link that interests you.  I have bought some very nice pieces of French antique furniture at reasonable prices.  This is because a lot of people who advertise on Craigslist are moving back to their home country and need to find buyers for their large pieces of furniture.  You do need to pick and choose what you go and see and you do need to factor in transportation costs.  I bought a beautiful walnut double wardrobe and a mahogany Meridien canapé, but I do have access to transportation.

However, if you do not have access to Paris, my suggestion is a waste of time - sorry!

itinerant child-414831 1453816241

I will back up that MJS has done a beautiful job in creating a very comfortable space in her burgundy house,but then again after designing homes for the stars in malibu beach,one would imagine that she has a certain talent in interiour design!!

There are lots of troc au puces and vide greniers or in australian,car boot sales throughout the year all over france and often you can pick up a bargain or find some beautiful antique pieces of furniture.

And not forgetting the most important thing to say -

Happy Australia day

Love and light

Jamie xx

denisefincham 1453862130

Thanks Tigger,Ill check that out.We can always get delivery from Paris if needed. 

denisefincham 1453862338

Thanks Jamie

Australia Day was huge as always now I'm back on task!I'll certaily keep an eye out for the car boot sales,now that I know what they are called

itinerant child-414831 1453885865

I turned up in melbourne to visit a friend the day before aussie day and was blown away with how you guys celebrate it. There was so much great entertainment and aussie pride. I quickly got into the festivities and as old mick dundee said "was soon blowing the froth off a couple"

Brilliant memories ;-)

Good luck with your search xx

MJS-462688 1453887828

Jamie, thanks for the kind words. Next time you are this way I will have one of those dark Bourgogne beers you like, chilling.

Hope to see you soon.


Fiona58 1454457549

Hello Denise,and welcome to Burgundy,my husband and I bought a house in Clamecy almost 4 years ago and what you have to have is patience ,nothing happens quickly we have just waited for over a year for our curtains to be made for two rooms from a big supplier in Auxerre .we bought 5 beds from Conforama in Auxerre, I think they are having a sale at the moment and dont be in a hurry to have everything picked out immediately you need to see lots of brocante shops and get the feel  with what will look good in your  house ,thats half the fun .There is a very good Brocant shop in Clamecy and if you tell the lady what you want she will let you know when there are private sales  or when she gets things in .Some of the supermarkets have great kitchen supplies so check them out .There is also an antique auction house in Clamecy  and Michel at Darty in Auxerre is fantastic his English is perfect and advises on all white goods he usually has Wednesdays off  ,signs go up locally advising of markets and yes Im from Sydney ...all the very best  to you and your husband 


denisefincham 1454475458

Thanks Fiona

 We will check out those stores certainly !

looking forward to visiting Auxerre and clemency and checking out the various markets 

 I have had some really helpful tips from members of this site which gives me some confidence in going forward on this journey

we leave Australia on Sunday so will be hitting the shops next week and now have a basic plan.My French is terrible so it's good to identify some people I can communicate with!

Again,Merci mate!


MJS-462688 1454480554

Hi, Denise,

You will be pleased to hear the weather is mild here at the moment, so good shopping weather. I had some friends move down from the U.K when we had -20 c one winter. They spent the first few days of their new life in France with a hair dryer, thawing out their water pipes. As Fiona said, you will need lots of patience living in France, nothing gets done in a hurry around here.

Have a safe trip.


MJS-462688 1454480618

Hi, Denise,

You will be pleased to hear the weather is mild here at the moment, so good shopping weather. I had some friends move down from the U.K when we had -20 c one winter. They spent the first few days of their new life in France with a hair dryer, thawing out their water pipes. As Fiona said, you will need lots of patience living in France, nothing gets done in a hurry around here.

Have a safe trip.


denisefincham 1454482742

Thanks MJS

Weve packed the thermals and a blow up bed so just need to learn patience and we'Lo be OK?????

Lynne-997939 1456155373

I have found the ABC depot du vente at Auxerre to be excellent for second hand furniture and also a plethora of interesting articles for the home to give it that french feeling. I have almost entirely furnished my new home here with oak furniture and accesories from there and have also picked up some nice items at the brocantes which are plentiful here.

Hope you enjoy Burgundy as much as I do.


denisefincham 1456168498

Merci Lynne 

You message was so timely!

we were thinking  about trying Auxerre tomorrow as I know it's one market day so will do that the go to ABC!

When you ment the Brocantes "here" do you mean Auxerre?

Or Burgundy in general?We haven't had so much success!Would appreciate places to try!!

we picked up a few good pieces from Emmaus in Planay but have struggled a bit since then.Tried some antique shops Too expensive and the modern shops have a lot of expensive rubbish!

There must be something in between (good used items with some character)I'm soooo hesitant to resort to Ikea!!And next step was the big shops in Dijon????

T hanks for taking the time to help????

MJS-462688 1456172799

Did you have a look on  Le boncoin   http://www.leboncoin.fr/

I have seen some nice things on there sometimes.

Hope you are enjoying Burgundy.

Lynne-997939 1456230419

Hi Denise

I do hope you find something of interest at ABC. Their stocks change a lot and in the past they also sold new sommeliers and mattresses at very reasonable prices. You can buy a book for about 5 euro which will give you all the details of brocantes and vides greniers in burgundy - I go to the one at Varzy every Sunday morning although it is subject to weather conditions. Am not too sure about ones nearer to you but will look it up in the book for you if you like. I agree with MJS that you can find local furniture on le bon coin - well worth a look - again if you need any help searching let me know.

If you want to e-mail me directly my e-mail is lynne.k@orange.fr

I would love to hear how you are getting on - I really enjoyed setting up home here although I still need a few bits and pieces hence my visits to ABC and brocantes still.


Lynne-997939 1456230711

Hi Fiona

I am very near to Clamecy and regularly pop in from time to time. It would be nice to meet you as I have only been here a few months and could do with getting to know a few more people.



simonarn 1456235764

Lynne, please understand my giggles were enjoying your post and not being critical but does ABC really sell Sommeliers? Ive always thought of that being the extreme in snobbery for dinner parties but i guess if the price is right, why not!


Lynne-997939 1456236371

Ha ha - yes Simon  I see my error now I think I meant sommier - yet another french fo pah!!

Not as bad as when I mentioned at a degustation that the wine tasted much better avec pas de preservatives - I thought the proprietor was going to choke to death when I came out with that little pearl!! I recently told my neighbour that there was un heron dans le maire - when I meant la mare.

All adds to the fun!!


simonarn 1456236711

Youre a good sport Lynne. Some would be a little sensitive to the jibes!

An equally entertaining slip in translation was a while ago, a person visiting a dog breeders hoping to buy a female puppy (chiot) who asked very loudly to the breeder " alors ou`sont les chiottes?"

He replied rather meekly that they were inside the house.

Lynne-997939 1456237227

I have to admit to a concorde moment with that one Simon - what are chiottes?

simonarn 1456238977

ask the maire

itinerant child-414831 1456248019

:-)   :-)  :-)  :-)

denisefincham 1456269356

Hi Lynne

we were very happy with ABC and our Maison will soon be fuller for the experience!Sooo wish I'd had the bed advice earlier????Long story trying to order online!Anyway ABC was great for us!

maybe Camency tomorrow?


Lynne-997939 1456302923

Hi Denise

I am so pleased you found ABC to your liking - I love going there. Do you mean Clamecy today?

If I am thinking of the same Brocante in the town then she only opens Fridays and Saturdays during the winter and then its best to go there after 3.00. However there is a salle de vente somewhere in Clamecy that I have yet to find open. Perhaps the others may know where it is and when its open as I would be interested to look there.

If you do go there let me know - I could meet you there and show you around as I live only 10 minutes away and go there regularly.

Ps - Simon - I decided against asking the Maire about chiottes which is lucky as I have now googled it!!


simonarn 1456307343

Well its probably for the best....but he might have pointed out a new convenience you had not previously known about!

Fiona58 1456405515

Hello Denise ,Sylvie who owns the Brocante,in Clamecy always opens the store on Saturday morning in the winter its like the meeting place before or after people go to the markets which is just across the street her English is excellent and she has a few Australian clients ,The Hotel des Vente only opens when they hold their auction days and the address 19 Rue de la Foret Clamecy their website is www.deburaux-associes.fr I suggest you only bid if you are there with someone who speaks French unless you do .there are also a few antique shops in Avallon.hope you are enjoying your adventure and adjusting to life in France I wish I was back there it was 38 degrees inSydney today  and at 11pm its still 31 degrees .Bonne chance from Fiona 

Fiona58 1456406014

Hi Denise,sorry meant to say there also a good antique shop in Vezelay the girls name is Jennifer her English is excellent  and we usually eat at the hotel Cheval Blanc, whilst we are there Fiona 

denisefincham 1456410778

Thanks Fiona

looking forward to Clamency next weekend and will check Vezerlay also.

we are going to Dijon this weekend for sheets,bedcovers etc and the Saturday market and there's one nearby on Sunday am

will let you know if we find any specia places.

Dont feel too sad about the weather.Its hasn't been over 10degree since we arrived (We are from the NT so notice these things)

But we are having fun and progressing and learning a lot!(mainly from errors)

This site has been very helpful and our house is starting to look a bit like a home...long way to go but looking for the fun stuff rather than sheets and white goods,etc is the real fun part and the Brocantes and markets have been a hoot!

We visited markets in Paris last weekend with a French friend and think prices are much better around Burgundy!But of course enjoyed looking at it all!

Tigger-459388 1456424809

The auction house in Clamecy is hardly ever open.  I've enquired and been told to check a web site for the nearest auction.  There is one in Auxerre.

Maisie-886960 1462005917

I'm a bit late to the discussion but notice that no-one has mentioned French ebay. It is good for furniture and although most sellers want you to collect it is possible to search by department to make life easier.

Biba8 1462547950

Hello All,
We were so fortunate to meet (before we purchased our home) a lovely, fun and very helpful resident and business owner of ANTIKA in Nolay, Côte D'Or. Susie, who hails from the UK moved to Burgundy many years ago. We think you may be as thrilled as we are to discover her store... (We are not sure how she offers such low prices!) Susie also offers a service of painting any piece you find...you can actually furnish your home like those in the magazines for a very good price.

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