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Hello All, We live in an old water mill with a lot of river, a mill race, sluice gates and so on. It had been horribly neglected when we bought it and we have spent 7 years renovating house, land and river but the process is slow. Yesterday we had a visit, somebody official... to look at our mill race and sluice gates. The main sluice gate is in a dreadful state because we haven't got to it yet and the official chap said we have two choices: remove it all - sluice gates, mill race, pretty little stream that runs through the garden etc. work which would be paid for by the Prefecture or keep it all and be obliged to renovate it entirely at our own expense. Naturally the latter is our preference but we are not allowed to do the work ourselves, rather we must do it  strictly within official chap's guidelines and use a recommended company at mahoosive cost. Does anyone know whether a grant is available for such work? Since the mill race is 12th century I'm wondering whether there is an historical association or an equivalent of The National Trust who might help. I'd be most grateful for any suggestions.

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simonarn 1428915595

Hi Masie, sounds idyllic! 

Whenever somebody official tells me I have to do some work and it must be through a company that he will choose, my radar picks up. Im sure thast particular officlal is totally impartial about the contractor doing the work but many are not.

i would ask to see the particular regulation and rules concerning the work done before I made my choice.

Good luck

Maisie-886960 1428917646

Thanks simonarn, that's good advice. We too were slightly skeptical about having to use the recommended company and, indeed, about relying soley on one chap's instructions. It does seem odd that the Conseil Generale will pay for the complete obliteration of an ancient mill race but not for it's renovation. Will investigate further!

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