Japanese Knotweed

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Anyone know a good way or killing from borders and hedgerows? Thanks in adavance as its taking over somewhat this year!!!

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Bonjour,sorry to hear about your knotweed problem.

You can use certain herbicides to kill it off,though the best way to get rid of it and the most environmentally sound way is to dig it out when it is not too large,as a full grown plant can have roots upto 10ft deep,and all roots must be dug out.

Also when you have removed the plant,do not compost it either in your own compost or that at most dechetries as there is no guarentee that it will not contaminate the compost and spread to other area's.

You could burn it or bag it up and through it into the normal rubbish collection where it will get buried deep enough in the landfill so not to re-occur.

I would recommend that you google this to find out what option suits you the best,though always tread very carefully when using herbicides for both your health and that of your local environment could be at risk from not using either the correct product or procedure.

I still struggle to accept that people brought it over as an ornamental plant,oh la la !!!

Good luck with this and please let us know if you get a satisfactory result.


Jamie xx


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