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Hi all, i am new to this list. We are spending 6 weeks in Burgundy on holiday. I am looking to buy knitting wool. Can anyone tell me a good wool shop please. Also, is there an equivalent to 8 ply? I am staying in Nuite Saint Georges and there is a little craft shop here but the variety is very limited and I could not see any plis on the wools. Anywhere within driving distance is OK as we are out and about every day. Hope someone can help me.  

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There is a wool shop in Beaune, Kape Laine, in the row of shops opposite the entrance to the Casino Supermarket.

Alternatively, there is a Phildar in the centre of Dole, and also another wool shop not far which sells Bergere wools.




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Thank you so much

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Depending where you are going in Burgundy. In the north, there are a couple very nice knitting/wool shops in Auxerre's centre - within the pedestrian section. Ask at the Tourist Information for directions if you have any trouble spotting them.

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