Linen Service - anyone know a good linen service covering northern Burgundy

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We'll be renting out our home seasonally and looking for a good linen service to take away sheets and supply clean ones. Any one know if a linen service that covers the northern Burgundy area?


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I can not answer your question,though maybe if you can narrow down your location to the nearest town,maybe you may find a user of this forum in your area who would be happy to do it for you.

Bonne chance

Jamie xx

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Good advice Jamie.  Even Northern Burgundy is huge.

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We're near Chablis / Auxerre.

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Hi all,

I'll ask some friends that own hotels in Vezelay & Saint Pere & post you their details. I think the companies they use are based in Auxerre.


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That would be fantastic wozza89. Thank you!

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Just a thought but if it's washing and ironing, maybe you could find someone local who would be grateful for the work?  You might even find that the job done is better.  I used to have tablecloths done by a linen service for my restaurant; the ironing was flat but terrible, with creases in the wrong places.  Then, I found someone local who did the job for me.  The good thing was that the job was done perfectly, the person was grateful for the work and, furthermore, was ready to help if I suddenly needed something done quickly.

As I wrote, "Just a thought"

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Thanks Tigger

I am looking locally as well. I am trying to find and collect what information I can so I can make a good decision.

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That makes total sense.  Good luck!

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My hôtelier friends use Elis

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