Long term property rental wanted

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We are retiring this summer and want to rent a house and garden long term to ensure that both France and the region are suitable for us.so if you have a house that you want looked after or that you are holding off selling until the market improves do please let me know.many thanksrich 


simonarn 1492690829

Dear RichandJude

have you thought about south Burgundy, around Cluny?

The location is very practical, 1hr20 to Paris by TGV, 1hr to Lyon by car or train, and there are plenty of properties for rent of all size and budget.

anne and steve 1493156074

Hope you get something soon, which part of Burgundy do you like? it's a very diverse place. We have been visiting for 11 years through a variety of seasons.  I enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside, we looked at the Morvan but it has a cooler damper atmosphere! So we have ended Up Slightly further south in CharOlais country. We have found the people very heLpful and friendly.

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