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Hello All, There are a lot of comments on the forum about unwanted telemarketing calls but I'm not sure if that is our problem. We are on Liste Rouge and subscribe to Stop Secret. However, in the last fortnight we have received several calls a day from a number starting with our local area code. Stop Secret won't work because the number is not masked, although there is no name displayed. The calls are always silent. I have tried calling the number back but only get a message from Orange telling me the number is 'not attributed.'  I have searched Orange's web site [and it is rubbish!] and tried to contact them via email to ask for advice. Amazingly there is no way of emailing Orange without selecting a 'problem' from a proscribed list and malicious or nuisance calls are not on the list. I tried phoning the helpline but had the same difficulty because there was no corresponding number to press for nuisance calls to advance me to the next stage, nor even a 'wait and you will be connected to a real living person' option. Does anyone know how I can report this to Orange, or even if it is worth my while? 

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Tigger-459388 1416423508

You need to, momentarily, forget what you want to tell Orange and just press any button that will enable you to speak to a person.  Then, tell him/her your problem.

I have to write that the only nuisance 'phone calls that I  ever get are cold calls from idiots who want to sell me things.  I give them short shrift.

Maisie-886960 1416427919

Thank you Tigger, now that you've said it that does seem like the sensible thing to do! A lovely neighbour has also suggested we pay a visit to our local Orange shop to ask advice. Will try both.

Since we've been on Liste Rouge we've had no problem with cold-callers, which is why I'm not convinced that this is a marketing call. Will post again after I've tried Orange by phone and shop to let people know what the outcome is in case they're suffering something similar


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Have you tried a reverse search to see if the number is listed by FT.

Simply go to the 'Pages Jaunes'  website and select 'Annuaire inversé : À qui est ce numéro ?'
Key in the number and see what comes up.

It may not be any help, but it only takes a moment to try.

Maisie-886960 1416596226

Thank you Bandy, but I have tried that. No luck, it isn't listed.

Maisie-886960 1423497996

Just for information:

Neither the Orange shop nor the person I spoke to over the phone could help with this problem. They seemed totally flummoxed by the idea that anyone would make a malicious call but, sadly, this is not the first time we have received them, although at least this time the calls were silent! In the end simply telling our neighbours what was happening seems to have resolved the problem - reading between the lines it seems that one of our neighbours guessed who it was and had a word with the person concerned. I have to say I rather like that sort of resolution, it's a huge part of the charm of French life.

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