My Garden Looks Good even in December

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With this lovely mild weather we are having at the moment ,I have been getting out in the garden. Anyone else noticed that the spring bulbs are coming up already?  I am glad to say I have now rescued my garden from the bramble filled patch it was. The locals like to call it the" park" and are intrigued by my vegetable raised beds. Though I have to say, I did have the help of a wonderful  hard working, landscape gardener whose knowledge of  rebuilding dry stone walls gave me the perfect look for my Burgundy garden. I wish we where able  to upload photos on this site. It might just be the inspiration for someone who also has an over grown bramble, Japanese knot weed, filled garden. I have also just planted some more box hedging which I had sent from England, very cheap and good quality  plants. Worked out about  .75p a 20cm plant. Much cheaper then buying from garden centers here in France, even with the shipping cost.  I can PM information if you are in need of a reasonable priced gardener or box hedge plants. Happy gardening.


itinerant child-414831 1449921877

Hi MJS, The locals of your village must be quite delighted with " le parc" still looking nice throughout December.

I have seen daffodils and primroses in flower here in brittany and tree's that have not yet lost their leaves are budding at the same time,it is all a tad bizarre.

I hope that you are all keeping well and warm in Burgundy and I look forward to seeing you next year.

Love and stuff 

me and cockney xx

wozza89 1450642464

Yes, lovely weather more like Easter than Christmas, did a bit of gardening myself this weekend, have primroses with plenty of leaf, hyacinths coming into bloom, the daffs are up 3 inches, the irises are various heights up to 10 inches. The rose bush has buds, the gooseberry bushes have very large buds & the blackcurrant bush looks as if the buds will open any day soon.  Self-sown dill & sunflowers are growing well. In the vegetable garden we have 3 large lettuce for fresh salads & baby beetroot to roast over the Yule tide. The hazelnuts in & around the village all have catkins.

62°F/17°C here in Vézelay today!!! All seems very strange listening to Christmas songs on the BBC tonight. Yes Jamie very warm in Burgundy ? Decidedly toasty !

itinerant child-414831 1456169139

MJS,how is le parc looking now ? I look forward to seeing it again soon and catching up with your good self and the other villagers,especially mon ami Jacques with his well stocked cave :-)

I just left my woods this morning and my daffs and bluebells are all just coming out to play ! It is a tad behind because of the thick tree cover,but was all looking pretty all the same.

I had the luck this morning just before leaving the woods to having a baby sanglier (wild boar) enter my woods a few metres away from me,casually glance at me and then disapear into my savage corner. There was the hunt going on everywhere around,and obviously it realized that my woods was the safe haven it needed. Nice moment indeed.


Jamie xx


MJS-462688 1456173306

The daffs are out in the parc too, Lawn not looking to good full of weeds, so I will be on my hands and kness digging them out before I re-seed.. Need some nice manure for the raised beeds you made me, before I start thinking about plant any veg.

Look forward to seeing you and Cockney soon.

Lynne-997939 1456230895

Hi Jamie

I have so far only spotted the sangliers from a distance and it was a whole family of them. You are very lucky to have seen one close up.I keep my eye our for them whenever I drive through the woods and fiels although I have to be careful as have nearly ended up in a ditch a few times!


MJS-462688 1456232080

itinerant child & Lynne

I saw one the other evening around 11.30pm  just standing on the side of the road. As I was driving up into Brazey, I once saw a whole family of about five jogging in the field. With all the hunters around here, not sure how they survive!


simonarn 1456235364

Don`t put the address on here! Tigger will be down there in his white van in two shakes of a hat and be serving Sanglier Boudin by the sunday night.

MJS-462688 1456240338

I think our hunters protect their truf around here. Heard stories......but he's more then welcome to give it a try. :)

itinerant child-414831 1456247744

Spending lots of time parked up in forests and national parks and going first light walks,I have seen hundreds of them all around france,though the most memorable occassion was just down the road from MJS in the cote d'or side of the morvan where a few families of sanglier must of grouped together because of it being the middle of the hunt season and I saw maybe 40 to 50 running away up through the woods away from me,it realy was quite a thing to see. It was not easy to stop cockney running off with the idea of a bacon butty in his mind !!!

wozza89 1456271820

I replied to one of Tiggers posts a while back, "how to silence a van" maybe the rationale was for going into stealth mode, whilst persuiing game in Burgundy.

Back to the original post, working in Paris have noticed Daffs in flower for over  month & Cherrys in flower since the last couple of weeks. At home have sown some spring onion & lettice seeds hoping for an early crop. 

Tigger-459388 1456425019

Simon is, of course, correct.  Sanglier is not to everyone's taste but, in my humble opinion, it's delicious.  That written, I'd let someone else do the hunting.  I'm afraid that I'm a hypocritical chef.

itinerant child-414831 1456429168

You are not on your own there Tigger, I am a hypocritical pescatorian who enjoys a bit of meat. Dont think that I could stick a hook in a fish nowadays,but love the taste very much. As you all know,I spend a lot of time in brittany and getting fish straight out of the port off the boat minutes after it arrives is just the greatest of pleasures. xx

Steve-869034 1473267986


I've known Jamie for a number of years when he has helped me with my gardening in Burgundy, he's great.

I wondered if you could let me know how to contact him again as I have lost his number when my mobile number changed in France.


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MJS, I read a post of yours from a few years ago regarding limecrete flooring. I would like to use the same system but I cannot find suppliers here in Brittany. Can you help me out? Where did you get your Leca? Can you please advise by email?

MJS-462688 1478203885

Hi, Richard

I got mine from Big Mat here in Burgundy. I think Weber have it, if you go to their website its under weber dur. I love the stuff, I just made a tandoori oven out of flowerpots and used it as insulation.

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