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Hi all,,,,,anyone fathomed out how to use the Orange phone message service? The message gets lost in the system after four rings so everyone is sick of diving for the phone! Can you lengthen the rings? personalise the message from the standard? Thanks for any help    

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Ring 3103 to follow the menu to set up your personal answerphone message or change other settings, but you won't change the number of rings before it kicks in.  Other than that the English-speaking dept of FT will talk you through it.


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Bonjour Lady godiva,I hope that you are well. I have an orange pay as you go phone and the number to check my voice mail on that is 888. Whether or not this works for all types of contracts with them too,I do not know. Would imagine so.

Please do post when you have found out how as it may well help others after you.

Love and light to all

Jamie xx

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Hi Lady G & Jamie

My orange landline operates exactly as kerman wrote.  As far as mobiles are concerned, sorry, I'm with SFR :-)

itinerant child-414831 1424677320

well done all,between us, people can now know how to regulate their orange landline and check their voice mail on their mobiles, ( even if the latter bit wasnt asked for ) .

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I don`t bother dial back to listen to my messages - far too complicated.

I just go onto my website account and click the messages icon and listen to all those telesales people once a week.


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The phone has been driving me crazy for ages - but i have discovered it is possible to extend the number of rings before messagerie kicks in!

Give this a go - you don't even need to go through the whole messagerie options to extend number of rings just dial *610* choose number of rings (sonneries) when prompted followed by hash ie: 8#.

Job done -  hope this is simple enough for all - good luck :)

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