Pool awakening and maintenance

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At this time of year, i unfurl the pool cover only to discover an alien world has formed below. As I say, if you leave a pool and an australian for a winter, only one will develop a culture!In this case, any tips on new products to speed up the degreening and deleafing would be appreciated. I did discover my heat pump will not operate if I open the valves from the pump fully.As I have worked through most of the alien culture world sub cover maybe i can help others too.


simonarn 1497940572

Well its all done, nice and clean and already in use by the twins, learning to swim. Only problem is keeping an eye on the temperature with these warm days as above 28c is not good for the liner. Happy days

wozza89 1498237685

Simon, I'm sure the pool was put to good use over the last week green or not :-)

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