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Can any give me a ball park fig for re roofing a house in Burgundy The quote we have is frightening and i am not sure we are not being ripped off  The quote suggests we need  new lats but the chevrons are good and some (about 30% new tiles) small oblong clay tiles     steve

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Hi Steve.  The price can be frightening, dependent upon the size of your roof.  I have a great young builder on the borders of 89480 & 58000.  He overhauled part of my roof for far less than the other quotes.  If it's not too far away for you, you may choose to send me a private email and I will give you his details.  However, please be aware that he does not  speak English.

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One of the largest costs of roofing can be the scaffolding. You may or not need scaffolding with a local roofer but a large company will always include it in the estimate

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