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Hi,..were in southern burgundy, near Montceau, and looking for someone to cut down some large trees in our garden. Does anyone know of someone who could carry this out,..Steve 

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I've used a brilliant young man to cut down 3 huge trees in my garden.  However, I'm near Clamecy, which is over 2.5 hours away.  It may not be financially viable to pay for the job plus travel.  Furthermore, I'm not sure if he'll travel that far.  However, one can only ask.  Let me know if you want contact details.

By the way, he only speaks French.

Good luck!

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Steve, in our region the mairie has posted some new rules about debardage (clearing the cut trees) you might have seen them going up.

I would suggest asking at the mairie for the names of people with permits to do the job. Its not so much the cutting down as the clearing afterwards. If not , then look for an advert or commerce that supplies firewood in the winter and call them. Hope it helps

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the best tree surgeon in the area is a friend of mine called MOREAU Aurelian

He is at Pouilloux so not far away and his mobile number is 0632 049233


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