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Hi, does anyone know if it's possible to claim a piece of land as it is in the UK. There is a small plot next to our garden and nobody knows who owns it? We have been to the mairie and been told that it could take years to find out but until then it must be left weed covered and empty whereas it would be a great addition to our property.


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Hello Glenmay,

Surely the land owner is named on the plan cadastrale for your village? In our village every parcel of land is numbered and the Mairie has the key of which numbers go with which name. I really can't see why it would take the Maire 'years' to discover the name of the registered owner - or whether the land is registered at all. You can find a copy of the plan cadastrale for your village online. If the mairie won't co-operate you could ask at the Prefecture.

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Thanks for your reply Maisie. According to the maire the owner died at least ten years ago and nobody knows if there are heirs and if so, where they are. There is now talk of the government taking over the land and then selling it to the commune at which stage I expect it will be sold to the highest bidder. Still at least the new owner may get rid of the weeds.

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