Will be In Burgundy soon with some availability

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Bonjour tout le monde (hello everyone),I have just left my gardening job down on the riviera where I have been working in a t-shirt for a couple of weeks and am now en route for another couple of jobs in Dordogne. After these I was supposed to be doing some work in the auvergne,but that has unfortunately beeen cancelled.     I have decided that I will come via Burgundy en route for Brittany ( yes I know how big a detour it is) so that I can watch a few rugby matches and share a few beers and a bit of banter with mr Wozza.  Whilst in the area I have not got any work lined up until later on into the spring on the following visit,so thought that I would put out some feelers with regards to picking up some work whilst I am in the area.     I am a 46 years young and healthy welsh self employed Gardener/Landscape gardener who specializes in dry stone walling and am well recommended by many locals and expats in the area,with a few who use this site,and I am sure that they will happily pass on good comment if you need them too.  I am the flying dragon (my red camper) so can stay locally and to the job and am completely independent (maybe to a fault) and like to start early and put the hours into getting the job done quickly. My very deserved hourly rate is 16.50 euros.    It would be nice to find an extra bit of work whilst I am in the area to stop my funds dropping too much,though it is not essential. I shall be coming anyway !!!     To everyone else in the area who already know me,I shall take time to pop in and visit all of you if it is possible.   I hope that you are all well and that 2018 is starting off positively and hapily for you.     A bientot mes amis ( see you soon my friends )   Love and light   Jamie and Cockney the wonderdog.  xxx        gerdweller@hotmail.co.uk     p.s I shall and check my mail every few days when I come across wifi zones


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Now is the time to get your garden turned over / tidied ready for the coming spring, or that dry stone wall rebuilding.

I've seen a good few of Jamie's dry stone walling projects from partial rebuilds to complete new builds. Also many gardening projects from scrub clearing to landscape design & works.

I can fully recommend his works as well as his good person. He works to very high professional standard & will advise you in any decisions regarding quality & quantities of materials, giving you best value of your money. 

He has all the necessary hand tools as well as the personal safety equipment required.  

So here's your chance not to put off those jobs 'that like many of us say, "I get round to doing sometime", then another year passes..!

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Thank you very much for those kind words mr Wozza. I shall not need to light the fire tonoight as my cheeks (upper) are aflame :-)

Look forward to catching up with you and mrs Wozza very soon. xx

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Forgot to say that I also do a very good job of pointing too. Can supply photo's of previous jobs and contacts of the happy clients in question.       

If I am passing I would always be happy to offer advice on any of the above mentioned trades for free.       If I am not passing,then a little help towards fuel costs would be welcomed.        

Jamie   xx

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Loads of pointing jokes came to mind, Jamie.  But, I resisted.

itinerant child-414831 1517822289

Must admit that I had the same.

Whats the old saying - mad old expat minds think alike !!!!!

Oh yes I remember now , great minds xx

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Toodlepip for the now good people. Its been lovely spending time up in the Morvan again and catching up with some of you.      I shall more than likely be back sometime in the spring and already looking forward to it.      

Am on my way down to  Correze now and then Dordogne, Limousin and Brittany to do a few jobs for regular clients and look at a couple of potential jobs.       

Wishing you all a warm and happy end of the winter and do not forget to get some fresh air and exercise,it is important.           

Love and light to all from the flying Dragon      xx

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Be safe Jamie.  Enjoy your travels and, do please, keep giving us your news.  Don't forget to extinguish the fire, prior to starting the engine :-)

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That only happens on very rare occassions , especially those when I may miss wales play !!  

Have been enjoying driving through the snowy volcano's of the auvergne on the small roads. Very beautiful.       

Have just stopped off and bought myself an artisanal saucisson  and a nice wedge of cantal vieux cheese. roll on this evening, yum yum  xx

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I shall be back in the area some time over the next week and have had another cancellation further south , so this post still stands.

Shall be down near saulieu for a couple of weeks and around the morvan and hope to catch up with some of you socially whilst I am in the area.

Thunder,hail,rain and a freezing cold wind here in Brittany at the mo,looking forward to enjoying a bit of Burgundy sunshine !!!!!

Love and stuff to all

Jamie x

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