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Hi all, i am new to this list. We are spending 6 weeks in Burgundy on holiday. I am looking to buy knitting wool. Can anyone tell me a good wool shop please. Also, is there an equivalent to 8 ply? I am staying in Nuite Saint Georges and there is a little craft shop here but the variety is very limited and I could not see any plis on the wools. Anywhere within driving distance is OK as we are out and about every day. Hope someone can help me.  

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From the golden era! Does anyone have any idea where I might seek to find collectors or interested parties for an old lathe, planing machine, band saw circa 18 something, old work benches etc They are far too fascinating to chuck out but the donalf take up space!

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Which is the nearest one to chez you Tigger?

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Hi, I am looking for someone to go view 2 properties for me in La Charite sur Loire, Dept. 58.  I need someone to take photos and give me an overall impression of the property condition and the area in which they are located.  Does anyone know someone I could hire?  Thanks!

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Hi all, has anyone seen any Christmas crackers in the stores in Burgundy?,,,,Im in Beaune but travel around the area with work! Thanks for any spots xx

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Hi - are there any homeowners out there with any experience with short term renting out their property/room/flat via AirBnBIt seems a useful way to capitalize on a maybe underused asset, a sort of informal Gite or B+B arrangement.We would welcome advice on special insurance and any official permissions that may be required - as UK registered residents we would declare income in UK.Many thanks for your thoughts and Bonne Rentrée Piers

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Lyn and I are moving into our holiday home near Nolay in September this year. We have to get a new septic tank so would appreciate any recommendations people have for engineers/companies who could quote for such a job. thanks in anticipation of any replies.   Rupert/Lyn

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Can any give me a ball park fig for re roofing a house in Burgundy The quote we have is frightening and i am not sure we are not being ripped off  The quote suggests we need  new lats but the chevrons are good and some (about 30% new tiles) small oblong clay tiles     steve

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Were noticing the wasps are more aggressive than usual round our way. Lots of people getting stung. I found a wasps nest in an old mole hole in the lawn - hundreds of the buggers in there and very nasty ones too. I thought sod the hose pipe ban and left it down there for a couple of hours then finished them off with a wasp aerosol spray. Check your lawns as they would do well in Syria those wasps. Oh and Fenistil drops for those that get caught.

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Hi,..were in southern burgundy, near Montceau, and looking for someone to cut down some large trees in our garden. Does anyone know of someone who could carry this out,..Steve 

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Does anyone know how to get rid of France Telecom/Orange? We no longer need our fixed line but cannot find any information on the Orange website about how to cancel. I'd be most grateful for any suggestions.  

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Anyone know a good way or killing from borders and hedgerows? Thanks in adavance as its taking over somewhat this year!!!

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Hello All, We live in an old water mill with a lot of river, a mill race, sluice gates and so on. It had been horribly neglected when we bought it and we have spent 7 years renovating house, land and river but the process is slow. Yesterday we had a visit from...er...oh, somebody official... to look at our mill race and sluice gates. The main sluice gate is in a dreadful state because we haven't got to it yet and the official chap said we have two choices: remove it all - sluice gates, mill race, pretty little stream that runs through the garden etc. work which would be paid for by the Prefecture or keep it all and be obliged to renovate it entirely at our own expense. Naturally the latter is our preference but we are not allowed to do the work ourselves, rather we must do it  strictly within official chap's guidelines and use a recommended company at mahoosive cost. Does anyone know whether a grant is available for such work? Since the mill race is 12th century I'm wondering whether there is an historical association or an equivalent of The National Trust who might help. I'd be most grateful for any suggestions.

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So often we see posts from members facing problems with difficult neighbours, here is one that bucks the trend. Sunday I heard a lot of shouting in the garden and raced outside (well more of a speedy amble) to see two hunting dogs chasing my sheep around the field. Now of course the sheep could do with the excercise but they are in their twilight years so not up for some Usain Bolt style dashes, so I had to chase the dogs up and down until I eventually caught them by the scruff and tied them up. All hunting dogs have collars with a mobile number on so I called not expecting much, but got a very nice chap who apologised profusely, asked about the sheep well being, mentioned he had insurance in case of any damage, and was round in 30 mins, insisting on checking the sheep, removing the dogs and promising to return with something stronger than rainwater. I was very impressed. Maybe my reputation precedes me but I prefer to think they are just decent guys doing what farmers do on sundays.

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Hi all,,,,,anyone fathomed out how to use the Orange phone message service? The message gets lost in the system after four rings so everyone is sick of diving for the phone! Can you lengthen the rings? personalise the message from the standard? Thanks for any help    

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Does anyone know  of a good company to clean the old chimeny and install a stainless steel liner  I have contacted  local companies adn am still waitign for a quote in the mena time its cold    I am in 89430 post code north burgundy  steve

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Hello All, There are a lot of comments on the forum about unwanted telemarketing calls but I'm not sure if that is our problem. We are on Liste Rouge and subscribe to Stop Secret. However, in the last fortnight we have received several calls a day from a number starting with our local area code. Stop Secret won't work because the number is not masked, although there is no name displayed. The calls are always silent. I have tried calling the number back but only get a message from Orange telling me the number is 'not attributed.'  I have searched Orange's web site [and it is rubbish!] and tried to contact them via email to ask for advice. Amazingly there is no way of emailing Orange without selecting a 'problem' from a proscribed list and malicious or nuisance calls are not on the list. I tried phoning the helpline but had the same difficulty because there was no corresponding number to press for nuisance calls to advance me to the next stage, nor even a 'wait and you will be connected to a real living person' option. Does anyone know how I can report this to Orange, or even if it is worth my while? 

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Hi We are looking to buy a new kitchen and other household things from Ikea. Does anyone know what their January sales are normally like? Discounts across the store or only on a very limited selection of items? Just wondering whether to wait or buy now..... Thanks 

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Hi, Just about to move into our Burgundy house for the winter and need to order wood for my two medium sized wood burners.  Does anyone have a rough estimate as to how many 'cords' I need to order to see me through the winter? One burner will be in use daily and the other a couple times a week. I don't mind ordering too much but I want to make sure I order enough. Thanks in advance for any helpful advice.

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Hi, we are looking for someone who can fit an Invicta insert/foyer into our fireplace. Insert details/fireplace dimensions etc. available. Location of the property 58420 ST REVERIEN. Regards  

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