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Hi to all, Can anyone suggest the best type of insulation to use to reduce sound as much as possible between what shall be a party wall dividing two bedrooms. The wall itself is approx 3" wide with 13mm plasterboard on either side. Thanks in advance.

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Has anyone had electricity generting solar panels in burgundy  Any good installers and expereinces would be appreciated

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Hi anyone know where I can buy coal around the Macon area? Thanks for any help!

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Does anyone know where to find good quality fabrics/curtain material in Dijon? 

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Hi we have a newish woodburner which was fitted a couple of years ago with the correect chimney lining flue, however the flue has corroded at the poing it joins the woodburner and so it leaks smoke when lit. Is there anything like a collar we can put around it? or do we need to call in an 'expert'? thanks

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I am anticipating a problem with the company who recently fitted a complete new insert and stainless steel chimney withing the original stone chimney space. I am about to pay nearly 3,000€ for the work and the result is far worse than my original foyer. The reason is that the new system has not been fitted with a metal or rockwool 'plate above the insert ( the original system had such a metal plate) and so the insert heats the chimney and not the house. If the firm want extra money for the additional work/refuse to do additional work, to who do I turn please? I am aware that there is no CAB in France, but perhaps there is a system which allows an initial free consultation, before proceedings can take place. Thanks for any help or dvice with this!

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Does anyone know where to find good quality fabrics/curtain material in Dijon? 

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Can anyone point me in the direction of an on-line supplier similar to Maplins, RS Components or Screwfix here in France as I am getting fed up of paying for very high delivery charges. I have found a supplier of tools etc debonix.fr but they don't supply say button cells, computer cable. connectors etc. Any help gratefully received.

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Hi anyone have any slabs of light coloured stone in the Southern Burgundy areas to make a fireplace, A couple of square metres will be okay and can collect.

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Can anybody recommend a supplier of dry hardwood logs please in the Louhans area.  Would be looking for 2 cordes and to be delivered.Thanks

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Hi.  We live in Cluny, and have had nothing but problems with SFR.  Have been researching other providers.  Orange doesn't seem to have great reputation either.  Is anyone out there using free or numericable?  Is so, can you comment on your experience of their services and reliability please? Many thanks. Norman

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Hi anyone know where I could lay my hands any in the 21/71 areas? thought they'd be easy to track down too? Thanks

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Hi all, just had 20 pork pies brought over from the UK, was just wondering if anyone has frozen any before? Im not sure if you can or not? Otherwise it will be a large Dinner tonight! Thanks

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Hi wanting to change our front door from a horrid old wood one to a UPVC modern one,,,,will we need planning permision? thanks

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Hi anyone know of a weed killer strong enough to kille them without having to dig the root up? Thanks

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Hi anyone hired one of these? The type that 'flick' onto the wals? if so any good? or is the manaual way the best? thanks

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Hi Has anyone cleaned up and reused old tommettes ? If so, what did you use to clean them please and how difficult/time consuming was it? Thanks

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A few nights ago I heard something moving in the attic above our bedroom.  It's difficult to get up there, plus I hate spiders but I mentioned it to a neighbour who said 'C'est un loir!'  She described a loir as being a delightful creature, rather like a squirrel that, is known to inhabit attics.  On checking in my dictionary I find the translation of 'loir' is dormouse, though I'm certain this creature must be the size of a small cat at least, as a mouse makes very little noise. Does anyone have any knowledge of these loirs, what they really are, and how to keep them away?  My friend did add that they hate the smell of bay leaves, so when I can find the time I'll cut a branch and face the spiders and the dust... 

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Can anyone recommend the best exterior Masonary paint I see acryliques,pliolites, siloxane and hydropliolites, can anyone explain the different types or which one works well?.I am a bit confused as to which one to use. Thanks.

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Hi We are beginner beekeepers and would like a swarm to put in our new top bar beehive. We live near Epinac so if anyone in the area has some bees looking for a home please let us know! Many thanks

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