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Hi. We have a derelict wooden hangar attached to our house which was used to store wood, It is made of corugated iron (roof and some walls) and wooden panels. To remove wooden cladding and corrugated iron, do we need permision from the Mairie.. we are also wanting to change the roof to a tiled one on to match roof of our house. Thanks!  

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What is normal price for 450 sq mtrs of land  it backs on to our house and has nothing but brambles and no planning permission  just a rough figure will do thanks all

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Hi again,,,,,anyone recommend a good compost for hanging baskets and pots? The one I used last year didn't seem to work as usual even though I fed them and watered regularly? also what ratio of soil to compost works best? thanks

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Another money saver. Our iron wont work. The steam button broke. Now normallly it gets scrapped and we get a nice new shiny one. Not this time. No way pedro! a quick dig around and a 5 min internet search and the new bit is on its way for 12 euros pp inc. google is your friend, and your DIY mate

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I got the gas bbq out this week as its not yet time for the traditional charcoal one (weather still a little capricious). Anyway I popped down to Gamm Vert and bought one of these new small propane bottles with the clip on "detendeur" and thats when my problems started. I cannot get the thing to screw connect to my bbq. Its fine with a big gas bottle for the house but not this small one. Has anyone else had the same problem?

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Hi All We want to install a fosse septique ( one of the newer mini systems ) in the Nolay area. Can anyone recommend a local firm who would take on the complete package? Thanks 

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Hi all, Does anyone know of a floor varnish that has a sealant hardner in it which is available in the bricos? Many thanks

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Hi anyone konw of any reasonabley priced ones for quality bedding plants around the Chalon area in 71? Many thanks for any recommendations

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Ive been trying to find the dates of plant fairs where you can buy just plants in Burgundy with no joy , wondering if someone could help me if they know of any largish ones this sSpring in their town? Thanks

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Hi,,,someone has just told me that smoke alarms are now a legal requirement in France,,,is this true and are they just the simple battery ones or wired to the mains? thanks

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I need to arrange a delivery of top soil - has anyone an idea of the cost I can expected to pay per metre carre?!? Thanks!

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Hi Im thinking of building a Petanque court, has anyone done this? Im wondering what grade of gravel to use and depth etc? many thanks for tips

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Hi anyone know how to get some discoloration marks off our Kitchen granite work tops? there only a couple of years old so Im surpriesed their marking a bit? anyone eles found this problem?

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Does anyone have any positive experience of air-source heat pumps in the Burgundy climate?  I'm looking to install a heating system and am collecting information about these as well as pellet boilers.  The house is very old, not well insulated apart from double glazing and has woodburners as secondary heating.  Any recommendations/warnings gratefully received.

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Hi there, Has anyone installed,/experience of polystyrene block swimming pools? They seem a pretty good option? Thanks

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Can anyone tell me if there is a secondhand English book store, in or around Dijon. I have so many books that I need to offload and I am loathed just to dump them, Thanks

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Hi Just had our two chimneys swept andIt would be interesting to know how prices compare. We've just paid the bill for ramonage, which was 120 euros, For that our French artisan cleaned two chimneys, one in the kitchen, and one for a woodburner in the Lounge. Seems a little steep to me?

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Hi anyone know any English speaking woodburner fitters near to Louhans? Need to buy a new one, so what type of artisan fits them? Or is there anywhere that fits them as part of the buying process? Thanks for any help!

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Hi, most of our downstairs floors are stone and or tiles, anyone come a cross a machine like a vacuum cleaner or steamer to clean them? I'm getting a lil fed up of the constant mopping and wondered if anyone else had a better way? we have a couple of dogs to so seem to lways have the mop in hand in winter! Thanks

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Hi anyone know how hard the water is in Burgundy 71? I ask as we've just bought a new dishwasher and the instuctions say the amount of salt to put in will depend on the local water. Anyone know how much to put in? Thanks

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