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Hi we have a delapidated old barn on our land a few hundred metres from the main house. To repair it will need a new roof and main walls rebuilding. Can we just knock whats left of it down or do we need to fill in more forms? Also is the building stone worth anything? how would we go about selling the stone if we decide to demolish it? thanks for any help.

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Hi all, Can any one give me a rough price guide on how much it would cost to have my kitchen / diner floor leveled?  Would be looking at raising it at 3" one side and approx 3 1/2 " on the other side.  The room size is 6m x 4.5m. Longshot I know but maybe someone has done similar lately, thanks!

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Hi any gardeners out there know how to kill an established Cherry tree? The previous owners chopped it down so only the trunk remains, but we have growth popping up all around it now! The blighter needs finishing off once and for all! Thanks for any help

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Has anyone installed night storage heaters and is there a price advantage on using such technology these days? Any info would be appreciated.

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Does anyone have any recommendations on where we can get a nice reasonably priced real christmas tree somewhere in the Chalon area? Many thanks

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Hi anyone know where you can buy Red bricks from in Southern Burgundy? I need a few to make a feature window sill. Many thanks

started by: Mr Anderson-462379 · last update: 1384883185 · posted: 1384370134

Hi looking to point some stonework and wondering what will be best to use? Either Lime mortar or classic Sand and cement? Advice appreciated, thanks

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Hi anyone know of a good place to buy a rayburn or similar Solid fuel cooker in 71 southern Burgundy area, reconditioned and English speaking would be the dream if possible; Thanks

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Hi, we have been let down by our regular wood supplier and the only other one advertised in Chagny has a message on the answer machine saying they have no wood as they have been let down by their supplier.  Does anyone know where we can buy wood near to Chagny as we light the fire every day and use about 21/2 moules (7 stere) per winter.   Just out of curiosity is there a widespread shortage or is it just locally? Thanks

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Hi we have a new untreated Pine farmhouse table. I was wondering what finishes are available to treat it with in the French Bricos? In the UK I'd use Bri Wax, thanks for any tips

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Hi everyone! I'm new to France and live in a little village called Rogny Les Sept Ecluses ( area 89 yonne) also borders area45 Loire.  I am trying to find a tv engineer who can come and fit a satellite dish and receiver does anyone know of someone near here who maybe speaks some English! Thanks Choclateyclaire x

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Having a goog clear out and a tidy up of the garden this weekend in prepartion for Winter, In the UK I'd just hire a skip, fill it and watch it disappear. Is there anything like a skip sevice in France or is the only way to fill the car and take to the Dechetterie? Amazed skips haven't reached Burgundy yet?

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Hi anyone know of a good tree surgeon in the Nevers area? Thanks for any tip offs!

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Does anybody know of any material shops or where I can get some end of roll certain material to make caravan certains with in the Beaune areas? Cheers for any help

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Hi anyone know of a good way of cleaning the glass on a woodburner? Old wives tale or product to look out for in the shops, tried a normal glass cleaner but it didnt touch it! Is there a specialist one? Thanks

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Hi - when living in the UK I had a shotgun certificate and did a lot of clay shooting ( for practice etc ) - just wondered what I need to do to apply for shotgun certificate here in France - I still own a couple of shotguns kept in the UK?  would it be^possible bring them over and use my UK certificates?

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Hello - we are an English couple who have lived in Brittany since 2004, however we now have a sale going through on our property and are giving serious consideration to relocating to the Burgundy region. Since living here we have both been working pretty much full time within the French system, providing a gardening and property caretaking service to our clients, both English & French, and we can provide excellent references. We would like to make contact with any property owners within Burgundy who may be seeking to have an experienced, dependable and discreet couple such as ourselves in residence at their property in order to be live - in caretakers/gardeners during the owners' absence.  On such a basis we would be looking to commit to a term of at least six months. As mentioned we can provide excellent references. My backgound is in commercial property project management and my wife was a supervisor for a county council in the UK.  No children, just Molly our black lab.  I have also obtained three horticultural certificates since living here. Copies of our CVs and references are available upon request, or alternatively initial contact can be made by ringing us on 0296 35 43 88. Thank you.

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Hi anyone know if a woodburner(free standing) is clssed as part of the house sale in France or should we be able to take it with us as its quite a good expansive one? Thanks for any info

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I have an overly large bathroom and plan to remove the bath and put in a shower unit, however I haven't really found an extra large shower unit and thought a wet room might look nice and be easier to keep clean has anyone had one fitted and what do you think, I have been advised its not a good idea because they always end up leaking everywhere. Thanks for any help on this!

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Hi got a new one so was wondering the best way to get rid of my conked out od ride on mower in the Chalon area? any ideas? Thanks

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