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Hi, I'm hopeing to benefit from other peoples experiance's of the comparative prices of the large DIY chains in France. I've been using Leyroy Merlin up till now but it seem a little expensive at times. A friend of mine swears by Bricoman but i dont have one local to me. Can anyone make any suggestions.

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Does anyone know when stores are likely to start selling Christmas trees?

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I need help composing a letter to cancel our contract with an estate agent. I have checked our contract and I am well within my right to end our contract, but I just need to send a registered letter to them stating this. My French isn't good enough for me to feel like I will get this correct. Does someone have a template that they have used that I could look at to get an idea? Thanks.

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Is Boxing day celebrated in France? If so, what are the traditions, local customs, events?

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Hello, Does anyone know of any good web links to information sites about geothermal heating. I would also be very interested to hear about anyone else's experiences of geothermal heating, how much it costs, the savings per year, how much land is required for burying the pipes. Also if anyone can recommend an installer for a quote I would very much appreciate any information.

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Hi! Any other Americans out there preparing for Thanksgiving? I'm searching for canned pumkin pie filling? I know it's a long shot but you never know. obamamama

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Looking for a good place to buy beads for jewellery making. No luck so far. Any suggestions??

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Hi can anyone tell me where my closest Leroy Merlin branch is? I live nr Bourbon-Lancy. Thanks

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Hi, I'm looking for some advice on planting winter flowers. This will be my first time dealing with our Burgundy garden throughout the winter (really just used to spring and summer planting in Burgundy) and would like to plant some pansies. However, I know that pansies can make it through a mild to medium mild winters, but I think that Burgundy has quite harsh winters. I see that they are selling pansies in the garden centers but would like to know if people tend to keep them planted the whole winter or do they not usually survive the snow etc. If not, what does everyone else plant over the winter?

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Hi, does anyone happen to know what Decorators caulking is called here in france? Answers are very much appreciated. Thankz

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Does anyone know if there are any brico depot stores here in burgundy? I used Brico depot when I lived in Normandy for a while, and its as cheap as chips - a third cheaper than leyroy in many cases. Anyway.. if anyone knows if there are any in burgundy id love to know about them.

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Am looking for a tree cutter to cut down a really old horse chesnut tree that is in front of our house. I'm worried about branches dropping on our roof and through windows when there are storms. BTW, does anyone know how long chesnut trees live for?

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Does anyone happen to know what veg one can grow through the winter and when one should go about planting/sowing? Im keen to become more self sufficient during the financial crisis but not terribly clued up on the whole process. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, does anyone know where I can get a complete (important - i need it actually complete!!) transalation of the planning permission form? I don't trust my local mairie's office to help me complete it (I've already been burnt by their incompetence) and would like to be able to read and fill in the form all by myself. I know you can pay people to translate it but I'm sure there are lots of expats who have this problem and I'm hoping someone has a) a translation on hand or b) would be willing to do it out of the goodness of their heart :).

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Can anyone recommend a good web resource for identifying trees by their leaves buds, bark etc. We have several mature trees on our land that we have thus far failed to identify, they dont look like any species I've come across in the uk. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated Kev

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Hi, I've just finished rebuilding my chimney stacks and i would now like to render them. Does anyone have any experiance in this area. I would like a good recipe for a traditional lime render and any tips on how to apply it. Many thanks for any replies

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We are looking to shut down our France Telecom line and was wondering if anyone new how much notice I have to give them? We have the most basic package and have had the phone line for about 5 months.

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I've having an annex on my house reroofed and I want to use the old Burgundian flat roof tiles that were on it originally. What is the minimal angle they have to be on to be used? I've been told that I have to use new mechanical tiles for my new roof and that the reason we keep having serious leaks is because we aren't using mechanical tiles. But I'm worried that the builder is just trying to get me to pay for new ones instead of using my collection of old roof tiles.

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Looking for large pumkins to carve up for Halloween. Does anyone have any large ones I could buy? The ones in the supermarket are either really small or only sold in slices (totally useless for carving!).

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We love our farmer neighbours but their cows have repeatedly broken out of one of the fields next to our house and eaten several plants, broken branches on bushes, and nibbled at a wooden mailbox I made. It's not exactly the sort of damage that I can ask for compensation (how much value would you put on a lorier bush being snapped in half?) but it obviously does cost time to repair the garden damage, clean up the mess, and it's a major inconvience, especially when we've been away and come home to find what's happened. Does anyone know if we do have any legal rights in terms of claiming expenses? I'm really worried that the cows will knock into our car one of these days and I would hate to have to claim against my insurance because of a COW! Or anyone had similar problems?

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