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Can anyone recommend where I can buy paint in Burgundy which is comparible to Crown, Dulux etc, otherwise it's a trip back to blighty and B and Q

started by: Trevor-462621 · last update: 1379851997 · posted: 1379665624

Hi looking to point some stonework and wondering what will be best to use? Either Lime mortar or classic Sand and cement? Advice appreciated, thanks

started by: Tom-460251 · last update: 1379665877 · posted: 1379665877

Hi anyone know of a supermarket or shop that sells UK style curry sauces in the Dijon area? Like the Patak ones etc, thanks Tom

started by: lady godiva-460413 · last update: 1379428599 · posted: 1378121326

Does anyone know if there are any grants available for people needing to put in a new fosse when their own has been condemned? Thanks for any tips

started by: smiler-460331 · last update: 1379428359 · posted: 1378973995

Can anyone advise on how I can cancel my internet & phone service with orange. Had the service since July 2009 so done the 12 month contract with them - is it just a case of speaking to them and putting it in writing? Pay monthly for the service direct out of bank - would obviously have to cancel the prelevement with bank too. Any info will be great! Thanks all 

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Does anyone know a good (preferably English-speaking) welder not too far from the Macon area?  It's for a small but awkward bit of welding on the underneath of my Ride on Mower.Thanks

started by: Simon-460269 · last update: 1378936298 · posted: 1378802091

Hi were considering switching from a woodburner to Wood pelet heating system, so i wondered if anyone has it fitted and for the pros and cons, Thanks for any info

started by: Peter-460994 · last update: 1378918496 · posted: 1378802380

Hi Need to start replacing the windows on our house in the Nievre and been looking at the new windows in Bricodepot. They look OK and very good for the very modest price! Has anyone fitted them and been happy with the quality? I'm wondering if they will be still a bargain in the long term!

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Living near Coulanges-sur-Yonne, the level of chalk in the water is so high you can see it as well as taste it in tea and coffee.  I'm concerned that the electric water heater to be installed shortly will likely die after a year or so, hence a water softener seems necessary.  Two types seem to be available: one that uses crystals and the other that operates by an electrical charge to change the polarity of the water molecules.  The latter costs around €180 while the first can be about €100. Does anyone have any recommendations after using either method? Thanks, Kelland

started by: susibear-459902 · last update: 1378702645 · posted: 1376995445

Hi anyone know when the cheaper electric tariffs are for using electric storage heaters the most economically? Thanks

started by: Tom-460251 · last update: 1378457015 · posted: 1378120978

Hi we have some land near a river with some thistles growing in it wild, the local farmer has just told me these need removing as there illegal in France nd i could be fined, is this the case? and anyone know of a good way of getting rid of them? Thanks

started by: Tom-460251 · last update: 1378128255 · posted: 1377517974

Hi we have a small house in Burgundy we rent out. Our Tenant has stopped paying rent and now it seems the electricity,she did not sign the contract we sent and now will not answer our emails.We will send a letter outlining what she owes us but I cant see her paying up.I think our only option is to put the house on the market,Any advise welcome from anyone who has been in this position, thanks

started by: Colette-356343 · last update: 1377709696 · posted: 1377452238

Hi, am in the process of buying a house near La Clayette in the Brionais and need to find a temporary storage solution for my furniture that s going to be moved from my place outside of Lyon until the acte is signed.  Has anyone heard of a place to rent a box or storage near La Clayette or Chauffailles?

started by: susibear-459902 · last update: 1377643719 · posted: 1376995260

Hi anyone got any tips on how to soundproof between internal plasterboard walls in a gite? there bedrooms next to each other, so need soundproofing as best possible? Thanks for any tips diyers out there!

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Hi anyone know if its compulsary to fence in a Large above ground swimming pool? Do you need an alarm or security fencing to be legal like in ground pools? Thanks

started by: Kate-462155 · last update: 1376899960 · posted: 1376645930

Hi weve a nice granite wall in the garden and unfortunately its been spray painted! Anyone know the best way of removing it withoutdamaging the wall? weve tried a wire brush which made it worse, thanks for any tips

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Hi anyone seen any Rubble chutes you see when renovating a property, the ones like a tunnel that shoot rubble from upstairs straight into a skip below? I cant seem to find them in the usual bricos? anyone any ideas? Thanks

started by: Tumble-462725 · last update: 1376386099 · posted: 1375536809

Hi just been told i couldnt tip an old set of car tyres at my local dechetterie, nyone any ideas as to how to get shot of them? Bit stuck now lol

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Hi we have inherited a largish garden fish pond, Does anyone kow of any reasonabley priced pond plants to put in it? which grow well? Thanks

started by: Tom-460251 · last update: 1375718443 · posted: 1375100278

We have a small lake in our garden which is full of frogs, which has a layer of algae on it.  Does anyone know of an ecologically safe way of getting rid of it? Been told that letting a bale of Barley straw rot will cure it but not convinced, anyone done this or any other ways? Thanks

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