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Need some boots re-heeled but I can't seem to find anywhere obvious that does it. And I have no idea what the word is. Translation anyone?

started by: Susan K. · last update: 1224442833 · posted: 1224369229

I've decided to try and keep my geraniums alive this winter. I hate to throw them away every year so I'm going to have a crack at helping them 'hibernate'. Any green thumbs out there with words of wisdom to pass on?

started by: JohnRiley · last update: 1224442434 · posted: 1224369337

I'm looking for a reclaim yard. Frankly, I'd be willing to travel pretty far. I know these sorts of places are hidden away usually and hardly ever clearly sign posted. I've had no luck so far sniffing one out. Please help me out! I'm really looking for some old tomettes.

started by: kev_joyce · last update: 1224365753 · posted: 1224365753

Hey, what's the regulation about building a tennis court? Do I need planning permission? My property is pretty isolated (no neighbours in eye site).

started by: carter1943 · last update: 1224365529 · posted: 1224365529

Used to have organic veg baskets delivered to my flat in London. Considering how many 'bio' products I see, I'm hoping (!!) there is something in the area that is similar: organic veg box or basket, with seasonal items, delivered weekly. Anyone else have these? Or even know what I can search for on Google? Thanks! obamamama

started by: Handy Andy-459368 · last update: 1224365171 · posted: 1224018680

We had a diagnostic inspection this morning and the inspector was pretty thorough until it came to termites. He just asked me if we had termites...which I obviously said no to :), which is true, but surely that's not the best way to check for termites!!! I thought these inspections were supposed to actually mean something. Next time I sign a compromis I'm going to be pretty suspicious of the diagnostic report. Anyone else think this is kind of dodgy?

started by: rns0 · last update: 1224245646 · posted: 1224159855

wow. my overly generous neighbour keeps giving me heads of lettuce. I have 4 sitting in our kitchen and there is only so many salads a three person family can eat?? It's a shame to throw them away though.

started by: carter1943 · last update: 1224232885 · posted: 1224232885

We're looking for the best part of Burgundy to buy a small, old farm house to retire in. Where would you suggest for best price and good views? We don't really intend to farm except for a vegetable garden obamamama

started by: kev_joyce · last update: 1224159408 · posted: 1224103643

Desperately looking for someone in Saone et Loire whom I can borrow a weed-wacker from. To rent one I would have to drive to Dijon and back, pay for gas and equipment rental etc. I would only need it for an afternoon. Would pick up and return same day. Please email me if you can help.

started by: Susan K. · last update: 1224062582 · posted: 1224026119

I've been having a hard time finding a good place to find wool. Our local market sometimes sells wool but it's usually synthetic and pretty horrible colours. I'm looking for something along the lines of Debbie Bliss type wool. I once found a tiny wool shop (I think in Geugnon - it as ages ago) but the prices were ridiculous. I was considering buying it online but I would love to find a little shop and potentially a knitting group or someting of the like.

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We just had electricity cut off even though we paid online a month ago. EDF has no record of our payment! So now I have to pay for a reconnection charge. When the EDF technician came to our house, he said that the online payments had been going 'missing' alot and that is was best to always pay over the phone or by sending a TIP/cheque. I don't think he was really supposed to tell us that but we've gotten to know him over the years. Really frustrating since we've previously always paid online. But warning to everyone else - if you are paying online, check to see if the money actually leaves your account before the cut off date!

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I just got a quote for getting the diganostic survey done on our house (70 metres squared) and it was 600 euros. That seems really high! I thought they were around 300 euros. I can't remember where I found that figure, might have just been in conversations over the years. Any one else have any prices they could share with me? Cheers.

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I'm considering buying a place in the Morvan, but its got no electricity into the house, it may have had in the past and its very near, but I've heard this means the installation will be very expensive - why is this? If anyone could explain it would be great. Thanks.

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Its getting cold so I fired up the wood burning stove and the seal around the edge of the door promtly fell off! Initially we continued without the seal, but i think we were getting gassed so we're going to have to fix it before reuseing the fire. Does anyone know how to go about fixing the seal? It looks as if the fire rope is reuseable - but how do i go about afixing it to a metal surface? Any help would be very much appreciated awsw

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I am about to install a new heating system in our home ready for winter. Can anyone advise me as to the most economical form of heating in this economic climate? Oil, Gas or Electric? Many Thanks

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HI! Has anyone found a good interior paint, one that covers well and isn't exortionate. Am I the only person who can't find one? Caro

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Anyone got an idea of the going rate for a trailer load of decent wood cut to length for a wood burner? debski

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Hi, We've just moved to Burgundy to start our new life as renovators! I'm having trouble figuring out what sewage system I should install and exactly what the regulations are concerning drainage!! is there anyone out there that can make a recommendation?? Thanks, JR

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