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Hi ive no knowledge of woodburners  but after getting a number of quotes to have two fitted Im now  even more confused, so advice please from anyone who has had one fitted. originally I was going to get two one in the kitchen and one in the large longe, Ive been told i need  8kw output  some say one in the Lounge is enough and that will heat all of downstairs (it's not open plan) and then there is the cost of the stove they seem to range from 500€ to about 4,000€ I don't have a clue what to expect from my money,  I have two chimneys so am guessing there was two fitted originally but am guessing the downstairs started off as open plan, any advice appreciated    

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we wish to paint an interior stone wall in our old house which has no damp course. We have been told to only use whitewash which allows the wall to breathe. However we would appreciate any comments re other products/brands that other people have used. Thanks heaps!

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...or weeping ash to you lot. Anyone know where I can find one ( for sale of course)

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Does anyone know where to get external glass doors that aren't the standard 205 or 215 that the usual depots sell? i am looking for something at 196 x 80, Thanks

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Can anyone recommend a pool robot? There are so many and each retailer seems to recommend their own brand! Any advice about good and bad robots would be appreciated. Thanks

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Has anyone any experience of putting in a stink pipe to a fosse septique? Apparently we need to add one to conform to regulations, Any idea how much it would cost? Thanks for any advice

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Hi all, we are in the process of filling out the Declaration Prealable for a wooded decked veranda, Is it a) the correct form and b) for the  current internal floor area, do I include kitchen and bathroom space? Can't seem to find anywhere to locate this information. Thanks for any help;

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Does anyone know where i can buy Bitumen paint from? Or does anyone know what its called in France? Thanks

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Hi anyone know where i could hire a small hay baler from in Louhans area or further afield in Southern Burgundy? Thanks

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Can anybody please help with a problem with our swimming pool?.  The filtration pump seems to keep stopping for apparently no reason.   We get it started and all working well then it stops several hours later. Anyone had this intermittant problem? Do we need a new pump? Any help appreciated

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Anyone know of a good reputable supplier of Koi Carp in Burgundy, pref in 21, thanks for any tip offs

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I am looking to plant some white hibiscus in the garden. Has anyone seen any around the Chalon area?

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Hi anyone recommend a reasonabley priced garden centre for plants and trees to plant this spring in the Chalon area or within an hours drive? Many thanks

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Hi is anyone else having problems with their freesat picture freezing? starting to happen more and more to us; Any help appreciated.

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Hi just replaced our fosse so looking into the best products to use as to prolong the life of the system. I wonder what the best detergents, washing up liquids and toilet rolls are best or any tips. Thx

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Has anyone had a fence erected?  I need about 40m of 1.2 m high wooden panel fencing on long lasting concrete posts and need some idea of the cost for supply and erect or do most people DIY due to costs? Thanks

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Just clearing an area of garden of nettles, As ive got quite a lot of them our French neighbour was telling my OH that they make good fertilizer for our roses, Is this true as ive never heard of this before? Perhaps there are other uses for them too? Thanks

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We have had a big problem with the horse next door, it got into our garden and has dislodged most of the flagging around our pool, lucky it was covered with the winter cover at the time).  Does anyone know of a someone that could relay the flagging??  Thanks, very urgent

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We get a bill every quater from the tresor for the rubbish collection which i think is done by weight. However ive got a bill this morning for the local dechetterie which ive never had before< has anyone else evr recieved one? Ta

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Hi I need to buy something like hardy english lavender ( something like Augustifolia) - and some clematis, anyone know of a good place to buy these in Burgundy in the Chalon area? Thanks

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