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Hi, sas anyone had any recent experience of selling a property which was subject to Capital Gains Tax  If so, what are notaires generally allowing in terms of renovations, improvements etc. I read somewhere that the authorities have tightened things up a lot this past year with regards to renovations etc.

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We have a property near Autun which is in need of demolition. We had a comapny ready to demolish it last year and then there was a mix-up between the Mairie and ourselves and it didn't go to plan. Our funds for the work have been availabe for over ten months now but we are finding it increasingly difficult to get someone to even give us a devi, let alone do the work!! ERDF have been instructed to cut the electricity supply to the property to make it safe and this should be done within the next two weeks. I have contacted four French companies and one English company who are all local. I have not heard back from the French companies and, whilst the English company was intially helpful and contacted another French company, I have not heard from either of them despite emailing. I can not understand the issue - the site is not a difficult one, the Mairie are more than happy that the building will be demolished and we have money ready to pay! Is there anyone out there who would like to demolish a property in a hamlet called Runchy, near Mesvres (very close to Autun)? Before the work is carried out, we must see proof of all the relevant insurances and ability to use the correct equipment as safety for immediate neighbours (and workers) is paramount. We would like, if possible, two seperate devis: 1/ a devi for demolition with all debris to be 'moved' to the bottom of the land (which slopes down) 2/ a devi for demolition and removal of debris. We would like the work to take place in the next month if possible (or as close to this timescale as possible). Many thanks  

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Can anyone give me a ballpark cost for sharpening a chainsaw Chain? Is it worth doing as a new chain is about  25€? Thanks

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Hi just thought id share that ASDA now deliver clothes to France for £5 delivery charge. Good news for mums who need to clothe kids for the spring summer in stylish reasonabley priced stuff :-)

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Hi I was wondering if anyone has had solar panels fitted in Burgundy? I had a French chap over the other day and the deal he offered sounded quite good. We pay offset the cost of the panels with the money we make from generating electricity for edf?? He told us that we should never be out of pocket with the amount of sun we get here. Would love to here about you experiences and which companies you have used and if the economics in reality are as good as made out? Thanks

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No this is not a post indian meal post JB. Does anyone have any experience of wind power generation here in Burgundy? From permission to install through to subsidies or planning permit? Thanks

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Hi all Were having a few  problems with our toilet and tank! - when we flush the water rises to almost the top. Yesterday we located our septic tank and after we unblocked the pipes everything appeared to be OK - but today again the water came up higher than it should. How often should they be emptied? I was pretty sure they don't need to be if looked after which we do? Thanks for any help

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Dear All. I would appreciate any advice on this problem. I have inherited in an outhouse, from the previous owners, a huge amount of old tools,iron,work benches,vices etc, mostly old iron and some steel. If I order a bin from Veolia, those nice people will charge me for disposing of the scrap, whilst presumably selling it to a scrap merchant. I don`t want to gather it all up in a trailer for for the local dump site for the same reason. I believe somebody should be prepared to come and collect it, if not for scrap value, then maybe for the chance to get some interesting old tools into the bargain, and Im a lazy git. Any ideas?

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we are looking for a wholesale garden nursery in the never region  as soon be time to get planting

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Morning All, Have recently received a freesat box from family in the UK, and I need to change the angle of my current dish from the French satellite to the English one so I can receive glorious English television chez moi. Is there anyone in the Chalon Sur Saone area who could possibly help me out?? I think just a slight adjustment is necessary but have no knowledge of what to do and how to go about it. Any help gratefully received!  Bonne Journee a tous!

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Hi anyone know where i may be able to buy a smallish greenhouse in the Dijon / Beaune areas? Do the French use them as ive yet to see one in a shop or a garden? Thanks for any help in advance.

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Hi again, does anyone know a dry rot specialist for some work i need done. must be fully registered and able to supply references. Thanks for any help

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Hi, can anyone tell me the cheapest place to get wood to make shutters in 71 please? Thanks

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Hi, I have noticed an increasing number of holes appearing in my field. They vary from 1" diameter to nearly 3" and can be quite a few in a square metre.I recently managed to get rid of moles, but has anybody got any thoughts on what beasties have taken up residence? Thanks for any info!

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Hi I am about to embark on a renovation project alone and just want to bounce some ideas to see what people think.  I am buying a 1940's house  in Alsace (there isn't an Anglo Info Alsace, and the Strasbourg one doesn't have much on it) it is 100 m sq of habitable living composing 3 beds living room, dining and kitchen, large cellar and possible convertible attic space.There was previously fuel heating, large fuel tank in the garden which you would have to use a watering can to top up the fuel burners in each room.  The tenant that was there has taken all the burners with them, so basically there is no heating in the house now.    I would like to know which type of heating is best to install and how much roughly it might cost to do.  At the moment I am thinking electric as I have to rewire so to fit some electric radiators wouldn't bust the bank, but what about gas and other types of heating??  The house is in otherwise good order, just some new windows to the front and a new kitchen.The other part that I need advice on is that at the back of the house (not joining) is a barn concrete built and about 50-60 m2 which I want to convert.   there is a brick floor in place between the two floors and the roof is in good order and it is built from breeze blocks.   The house is probably about 30 feet away from the barn so I would have to think about how to put water and sewerage to the barn.....anyone on here converted a barn how much approximately did it cost (realistically)   would love to hear your comments.

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Hi to all Burgundinians, We need to fill gaz tank from nearly empty, does anyone know roughly how much it is? Or how much per unit/kg etc? Thanks for any info.

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Hi,   I am looking for a roofer to repair/replace my roof in the village of Moulins englibert. If anyone has any information or contacts please contact me via email.   Thank you Susanne

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Hi Looking for recommendations of any English speaking decorators in the Macon area to work on the inside and exterior finishes. Many thanks

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Has anyone had a steel panel inground swimming pool installed? We would value your comments as we are currently trying to decide whether to go for concrete, steel or polymer. Many Thanks

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We used to live in Normandy where a corde of logs used to consist of 4 steres or 4 cubic metres. Just had a corde delivered in Southern Burgundy which is only 3 steres! Have i been had or is 3 a regional number here in Burgundy? Thanks for any help!

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