Insuring a property back in the UK

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Although we now live permanently in France we still own a house in the UK which is lived in by members of our family. Due to our own house moves the buildings insurance renewal reminder did not reach me, I forgot about it, and the cover lapsed.I have been trying to buy insurance for the buildings, but I have run into a problem. None of the UK comparison websites will quote on a property where the proposer is not a UK resident. I do not want to have the paperwork sent to the insured property, and I do not want to give another UK address without telling the insurer the true situation, as that gives them an excuse to invalidate the policy for non-disclosure if I should ever need to make a claim. I do not know why the fact that I live outside the UK should make any difference at all as to my suitability as a policyholder, and I would have thought that there is probably some law or other invented by Brussels which says that they can't so this. But the fact of the matter is, I cannot at the moment find an insurer. For instance, Saga have a panel of underwriters for home insurance but none of them will insure properties where the policyholder is not a resident of the UK. I can't believe I am the only person in this situation. Has anyone any suggestions?


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