Speed Ferries going under?

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Wow, I only just saw the news about Speed Ferries going into administration: http://www.connexionfrance.com/news_articles.php?id=479 Apparently LD Lines are opening a Boulonge/Dover service in July but it will be a standard ferry and will take much longer (and will mostly likely be LD prices). Speed Ferries has saved me so much money, it's a real shame to see them go under.


mammato1 1227213538

Oh that's so dissapoiting. We were going to buy one of their super-saver 6 ticket deals last month and decided against it. Thank god we made the right choice! This makes me think that it might be hard to get tickets on other ferries over the holiday period. Probably worth booking early.

JohnRiley 1229039745

I just took Norfolkline, because of Speedferries crashing, and I was pretty happy: cheap, nice ferry. It's of course a bit further to drive up to Dunkirque but it's not that bad! I was expecting to be pretty put out by what happened with Speedferries, but overall pretty pleased.

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