The SCAMMERS have arrived on ANGLO-INFO

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As I could not contact AngloInfo to chase the scammers out of this site, I thought I would write something about it somewhere on the website. Beware ! I fell for the same scam when I was in Australia, as the scammers got hold of the whole "car" section of, and lost quite a bit of money... here is the scam : - You advertise something to sell (anything, for any price) - Someone with a very english name, and english email address contacts you, with a very english email (nothing gives away they are actually in the Philliphines!) : usually saying, IS YOUR XXXXXX STILL FOR SALE ? - You reply yes - They email you back explaining HOW THEY ARE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY, AND THEY NEED TO GO THROUGH A SHIPPING COMPANY. They will want to pay by CHEQUE, PAYPAL, BANK TRANSFER... anything but cash. - If you give your details, they will tell you how it doesn't work. But they are ready to pay more to get your item as they really want it. So, they will insist to pay through PAYPAL as it is "secure" (it is not as they harrass you with very believable paypal emails - anyway). - Then, if you agree to paypal. They will tell you how it doesn't work either, but their shipping company is already on their way to you. So, as you have agreed to the sale, you have to pay the shipping company using WESTERN UNION (ONLY A SMALL AMOUNT - anything between £20 - £300). - Then, when the western union is done, they will say there are some additionnal charges..... and then the scam has started. They will send you VERY THREATENING EMAILS FROM PAYPAL OR BANK saying YOU WILL BE TAKEN TO COURT IF YOU DON'T PAY THE REMINDER... very believable. SIGNS NOT TO IGNORE : - email address they use for paypal threats is ".com" (PAYPAL is ALWAYS ".CO.UK") - if you start sending emails demanding further explaination, THEIR ENGLISH IS SHIT ! - NEVER EVER send money with WESTERN UNION That's it, I hope this will save you a great deal of money and embarrassement. Believe me, first and last time I fall for a scam ! Vanessa - 30yold - Burgundy


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