What the French really think

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I have followed the arrival of WAIFS2010 with inerest as a brave woman stated to try and help freely women and men alone in France. She has struggled to give information on the WAIFS 2010 site and has been featured in the press. At the weekend I was looking at the first French article and suggest you all look at the terrible racist remarks from French people who obviously hate having English people here and suggest mayeb you pass on the information to anyone else thinking of moving here in the future. I am frankly shocked having ever had any rcist comments from our French hosts. They seem to have forgotten the good we have doen to update thier old neglected houses and to add to empoyment in many businessses and now times are hard hav once agian shown their true colours. Don't tell me about equality egality and fraternity.I for one wish Maria- Louise well for 2011 and hope she does well and gets a happy new year. She clearly is one brave lady......Here is the link towards the article on Rue89 : http://www.rue89.com/2010/12/19/la-galere-des-anglaises-qui-revaient-de-la-belle-vie-en-france-181389 for everyone who is interested.


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