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Here are the dates & times (French) of the matches. All the games will be televised on either the BBC or ITV.Saturday 3rd FebWales v Scotland 15h15France v Ireland 17h45Sunday 4th FebItaly v England 16h00Saturday 10th FebIreland v Italy 15h15England v Wales 17h45Sunday 11th FebScotland v FranceFriday 23rd FebFrance v Italy 21hSaturday 24th Feb Ireland v Wales 15h15Scotland v England 17h45Saturday 10th MarchIreland v Scotland 15h15France v England (le crunch) 17h45Sunday 11th MarchSuper Saturday !!!Italy v Scotland 13h30England v Ireland 15h45Wales v France 18h

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Anyone know if there are duplicate bridge games in or around Beaune?  If so, how serious or casual are they?

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recently moved to louhans/ Cuisery area and looking for suitable golf club and possibly to join a group of players.

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A  new hotel has opened its doors a year ago in Macon. I stopped by last week as Im organsising a "bit of a do" for the Missus, and was surprised to see how well the hotel has been refurbished. The Hotel itself ,Hotel Europeangleterre Macon ,has an interesting history boasting such guests as Salvador Dali, our very own Winstonn Churchill etc . Why I asked , as you probably are, did they stay in Macon. The answer and hence my interest is something I heard a few times as a rumour but never got confirmed. There used to be a flight service from Southampton to Nice that stopped in Macon. It landed on the river and the guests sejourned in the Hotel whilst the plane was refuelled and restocked. Anyhow its a Best Western with reasonable rates and worth a visit if youre passing (or maybe planning to catch a train from Lyon to Ital hint hint)  

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Hi got some guests coming soon and asking if there are any climbing walls in the Southern Burgundy areas? Thanks for any tip offs!

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Hi looking for recommendations for places to fish in Southern Burgundy, particularly around the Chalon areas? Anyone part of any English speaking clubs? thanks

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Hello I'm trying to find a riding school for one of my daughters somewhere in 58 or close to border.Does anyone know of an English speaking one.Many thanks

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Hi anyone know if Andy Murrays US open final is been shown tonight live on French TV. We get the free French channels. Thanks for any help as im desperate to watch it.

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I would like to just mention how impressed I am with the efforts of our very own team GB. As things stand at the moment of writing this we are in third place with 19golds and a total of 43 medals. I feel very proud of the team and send them all my best wishes for the rest of the olympics and also my thanks for the lift given to national pride,and also I am enjoying the fact that I can be the arrogant one in the bar :-) Britain 3RD-France 5TH QUEL DOMMAGE (what a shame)

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Excited to see my first Tour de Fance stage tomorrow in Macon, heres the route if anyone hasnt seen it : http://www.letour.fr/le-tour/2012/us/stage-10.html Anyone else going or knows what to expect in the morning or throughout the day? Thanks

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After Bradley Wiggins won the Criterium this weekend in the Alps and seems in good form, anyone see him winning this year or if not whose your money on?

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I would like to share with kindle readers two sites for ebook freebies. There are some cracking ones out there. I have read books by authors I would never have heard of in the normal course of things. www.ereaderiq.co.uk/free and www.kuforum.co.uk/free_ebooks both sites have direct links to amazon uk where, if like me you only have a french carte/bank account you cannot "buy" books as they refer you to your own country site,but, you can read reviews etc then type the author and title into amazon fr site, livres en anglais et autre langues you can get them via french site also. Just double check they are free before you one-click to download. Also if, like me, you like books which have maps, photographs, etc you can download a kindle app to pc and view them on your computer as the kindle screen does not show these up very well. I find it excellent for reading but you need the full screen for photos, maps etc. Happy kindling!

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Derby day. Any hot tips?

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On our hols we plan to visit Le Guetin, Apremont,Cuffy, Cours les Barres , Marseilles les Aubigny and Charite sur Loire, Herry and Sancerre by canal boat. ¨ Any suggestions and recommendations for nice restaurants, shops places to visit and tips of which places are best for overnight moorings? Thanks

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Has anyone done this trek before? Im thinking of trying to get a team together but 100km in 30 hours seems a long way. I just wondered if anyone has experienced it and can offer any advice. Thanks

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Has the season started yet? If not does anyone know when it does in 71? Thanks

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Hi is there a ski station in Burgundy? Im sure there isnt but the reason i ask is that a French neighbour is adamant there is one in the South. Ive been to the Auvergne and jura skiing but never burgundy, right?

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Hi,know its very hot and summery today but already thinking about this years ski hols.Not having been here long ive heard there are some good ski resorts not too far away from Burgundy,someone told me about Jura.Has anyone any experience of skiing in these parts.Any help greatly recieved

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HelloIs any one interested in meet up for a cycle ride in the Cote d'or area?I'm a road cyclist and often cycle about 100k +

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Looks like a great weekend for petrolheads this weekend with two great looking events. Im going to the superbikes at Magny Cours, but there is also a Historic meeting at Dijon Prenois with Formula 1 cars from the 90,s taking place which if have known about sooner would have gone there instead as it sounds fantastic. Is anyone else going to either of these?

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