Coupes Motorcycle Legende 2020 motorcycle tour

from Apr 4th 2020


    The Cups are now the biggest motorcycle rally in Europe!
Throughout the weekend there will be more than 1,300 bikers who will perform on the beautiful circuit of Dijon-Prenois: thrills of engines, fumes, leather suits, vintage outfit for those who ride in old, speed and curves mastered ... In short, the drivers ensure the show!
This year again, we guarantee the presence of exceptional drivers, they will gladly accept selfies, handshakes and autograph sessions.
The Legend Motorcycle Cups are also themed exhibitions which shelter in the paddock exceptional motorcycles, a  pit lane and grand prix stables accessible to the public, a village with more than 85 clubs, a professional market and a large coin exchange in a festive atmosphere.

Plan a Coupe Moto Legende 2020 motorcycle tour and see vintage machines in action at the Circuit Dijon Prenois.

Over 1,300 bikes on display at one of Europe’s largest motorcycle events.  12 categories of bikes & sidecars from the 1930’s to 1994 will entertain the crowd of diehard fans.

Take a trip back in time as part of your tour.  A mere 300kms (190 miles) from Grenoble, the Coupes Moto Legende at Circuit Dijon Prenois has plenty of on & off track action.

Lots of entertainment, show bikes, contests and more.

Next to the event is the historic city of Dijon.  Maybe you think of mustard, but it offers much much more.  Visit the historic medieval town, one of the oldest museums in France.

As the capital of the Burgundy province, you can count on fabulous food & wine.

Rent a bike and do your own Coupe Moto Legende 2020 motorcycle tour.