Canary Islands Blogs & Websites

Blog with information and topics covering Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife.
Tri Lanzarote
Blog for running and cycling enthusiasts with information of up and coming venues and days out in Lanzarote.
Media on Line
Blog covering many different topics including employment, history, law and many more.
La Isla ogonizante
Blog featuring information on animals, coastal lines and sea, heritage, tourisms and more in Tenerife.
Gran Canaria Blog
Blog with information on Gran Canaria.
Ole Ole
Football blog offering information on new games, information and activities for football lovers in Tenerife.
Blog for the gay community in Lanzarote offering information, news and up and coming events.
Tenerife News
Blog covering a wide range of topics in Tenerife with financial, world news and many more.
Lanzarote Guide Book
Website designed to providing information on tourist attractions and Living in Lanzarote. Office located at Calle Chafariz 34, Tabayesco, Lanzarote.
Canary Night Life
Website offering information on bars, clubs and restaurants in the Canary Islands.
Living Beneth the Volcano
Blog covering many topics in Tenerife including secret Tenerife, golf in Tenerife, and many, many more.
Tenerife Help
Information website to provide help and assistance when living in Tenerife, includes translation services, work, property and much more.
Davy Jones Diving Blog
Blog for divers, with information and divers sharing experiences.
Windmills of Fuerteventura
Website offering information on Fuerteventura windmills, their locations, state of repair, and current history.
Secret Tenerife
Blog offering information, news and stories in Tenerife.
Lanzarote Gay Guide
Website with information, places to visit, see and go for the gay society in Lanzarote.
Bella Baylisss Blog
Blog for cycling enthusiasts offering information on, news, views and up and coming events in Lanzarote.
Tenerife Times
Blog offering news, weather and information on Tenerife.
Tenerife information, with news, events and information about healthcare, proeprty, accommodation and more.
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Information website for Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
Buy in Fuerteventura
Portal for Fuerteventura with many business listing links including: car rental, properties for sale and rent, removal companies, builders and much more.
Foxys Travel Guide
Website offering information on sight seeing, things to do eating out, beaches and much more in the Canary Islands.
Sunny Fuerteventura
Information portal for Fuerteventura, with links on weather, news, hotels, holiday accommodation, beaches, and much more.
Holiday Lanzarote
Information website for the area of Lanzarote and why you should choose Lanzarote for your holiday destination, covering topics such as the culture of Lanzarote, holiday villa for rent and much more.
Canary Green
Blog exploring the olive groves in Tenerife, promoting the growth of them and helping environmental issues within Tenerife.
The Lanzarote Toursit Guide
Information website on Lanzarote, offering holiday accommodation, events, excursions and more. Contact for more information and office address in Lanzarote.