Lawyers, Law Firms & Legal Advice

Tenerife Solicitor
Lawyers specializing in legal and general services.
Wildpret Abogados
Wide range of legal and advisory services offered.
Lawten Lawyers
Practice areas include family law, business law, employment law and more.
Romero del Más
Legal firm and business consultancy. Services include legal advice, accountancy and human resources. 
Canarian Lawyers
Law firm providing legal services in the Canary Islands including requests for a foreign tax ID code, legal and tax advice.
Adarve Corporacion
Law firm specializing in debt collection. Offices across Spain. 
Juan Fricke
Single law practitioner offering a wide variety of legal services.
Law firm in Las Palmas providing legal and tax counselling services.
BG Abogados y Consultores
Fields of specialization include civil law, criminal law, tourism, company law, taxation and commercial law among others.
Izquierdo y de la Cueva
Real estate law, company and commercial law, personal damages, litigation, administrative law.
Full lawyer services across the Canary Islands and Spain.
ASG Inter-Consulting
International lawyers for criminal law, property law, family law, tourism and more.
Iurisplanet Abogados
Law firm assisting with various legal issues such as commercial, civil, family real estate and inheritance law.
Carmen Stegmann
Lawyer offering a range of legal services in the island of La Palma. 
Felicitas Hofacker
Lawyer specializing in Spanish wills, inheritance tax, death duty, precautionary power of attorney and more.
Fernando Scornik Gerstein
International full service law firm with over 35 solicitors and lawyers in Spain and the UK.
Ana Cristina Galvan
Lawyers specializing in criminal law, civil law and matrimonial law.
Ruiz-Ayucar & Seifert
Lawyers offering personal and commercial legal advice.
Lagares Abogados
Law firm specializing in business law and bankruptcy.
González Torres Abogados
Firm of lawyers specializing in a number of legal areas.
Glex & Co
Law firm specializing in property conveyancing, urban planning and real estate law.
Platinum Associates
Services include insurance claims, wills, commercial contract disputes and business law among others.
De Cotta Law
Lawyers specializing in family law, tax law, criminal law and other services.
Tenerife Solicitors
Solicitors offering legal advice on property, wills, court actions or wills and more.
Fayna Pérez Cabrera
Lawyer in Lanzarote practicing property and registry law, inheritance law and litigation.
Legal services including commercial, civil, labor and criminal law.
José Escobedo
English speaking lawyer offering independent advice and services.
David Lopez Carmona Abogados
Family law firm covering the Canary Islands specializing in a wide variety of legal sectors.