Accountants, Auditors & Bookkeepers

KPMG provides a wide range of risk advisory and financial advisory services to help with tax compliance and to control costs.
CHD Orléans
Chartered accountants offering a wide range of services in Orléans.
Experts Comptables Associes
A group of four partners covering accounting services for industrial, commercial and craft companies as well as clubs and societies.
Bidault Richard et Associes
Specialise in providing financial, legal and general business advice to companies of all sizes from start up onwards.
Specializes in various audit and accounting services.
Wide range of accounting, audit and statutory audit related services offered.
Seleco Val-de-Loire
Accounting and audit services offered to individuals, companies and small enterprises among others.
Grant Thornton
Wide range of accounting services available to non French firms newly established or setting up in France.
Audit & Comptabilite de Touraine
Accountants and auditors covering all aspects of accounting, including payroll and year-end reports.
Services offered include audit, accounting, legal, tax and more.