Bars: Indre-et-Loire (37)

Le Shaker
Cocktails and ice-cream bar with terrace overlooking the Loire. Pool table. Open every day during the summer. 3 quai Francois Tissard, Amboise (37).
Le Strapontin
Le Strapontin bar at 23 rue Chateauneuf, 37000, Tours.
Le Sporting Bar
Le Sporting Bar at 210 avenue Grammont, 37000, Tours.
The Pale
Irish pub with live sport, darts, billiards, pub quiz, music and Irish beer. At 18 place Foire Le Roi in Tours (37).
Oxford Pub
Oxford Pub at 38 rue Jules Charpentier, 37000, Tours.
Peggys Club
Peggys Club at 66 avenue Grammont, 37000, Tours.
Cyber Gate
Cyber Gate pub at 11 rue Pres Merville, 37000, Tours.
LElton (SARL)
LElton at 24 rue Edouard Vaillant, 37000, Tours.
Le Tourina
Le Tourina bar at 124 rue Colbert, 37000, Tours.
Cafe Francais
Cafe Francais at 37 place Gen de Gaulle, 37500, Chinon. 2 concerts per month, jazz evening on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.
Les Muses
Les Muses bar at 34 rue Michelet, 37000, Tours.
La Cave aux Fouees
Troglodyte cave bar and restaurant serving food cooked on a wood fire, at Lieu dit La Croix Douillard, 476 Quai des Violettes, Amboise.
The Shamrock
The Shamrock pub at 14 rue Constantine, 37000, Tours.