Cosmetics, Make-up & Perfume

Perfumerie at zac Vrillonnerie, Chambray les Tours (37).
Parfumerie Genini Sonia
Makeup, manicure, perfume at 8 Rue Rabelais, Chinon (37).
Jacqueline Nonnet Parfumerie
Cosmetics and perfume store. Beauty and make-up advice as well as beauty treatments including waxing, manicure and pedicure. At 133 rue Nationale, La Chatre (36).
Comptoir des Lys
Company distributing 100 percent natural products in the Centre Val de Loire. Organic cosmetics, household cleaning products and natural hygiene products for pets. Based in Loiret.
Origan Parfumerie
Personalised makeup, colour analysis, perfumes, uva at 20Bis rue Gambetta, Blere (37).
Large choice of perfumes and cosmetics at centre commercial Atlantes, Saint Pierre des Corps (37). Other outlets at St Cyr sur Loire and La Riche.
Wide selction of beauty products, perfumes and cosmetics at 3Bis rue Michelet, Tours (37). Buy online 24/7.
Art et Beaute (SARL)
Perfumerie and beauty treatments at 2 pl Michel Debre Amboise (37).