Counselling & Therapists

Centre Val-de-Loire Therapists & Counselling Services in Centre Val-de-Loire.

Ruan Gaelle
Psychological support for adults, future moms, parents, infants, children and teenagers.
Anaïs Bourdon
Psychology and neuropsychology practice based in Orléans.
Aude Lefevre
Psychologist based in Orléans offers counselling services in office as well as home for Children, adolescents, adults and couples.
Jessica Petit
Services include individual support, couple therapy and coaching.
Carmier Nawal
Services include psychometric assessments, short psychotherapy, psychological accompaniments and parental guidance.
Regnier Claire
Psychological consultations for couples, parents, children, teenagers, families, pregnant women, mourners and victims of violence.
Marion Bague-Lecallo
Counselling and therapy for issues related to addiction, stress, depression, eating & sleep disorders and life events.
Clémence Priou
Psychologist specialised in working with issues related to autism, learning disorders, academic or professional difficulties, Self-awareness, socialisation difficulties and painful life events.
Patrick Godiveau
clinical psychologist based in Orléans. Specialises in working with adults, adolescents and couples.
Michelet Céline
Psychologist based in Orléans. Consultations from Monday to Friday.