Cybercafes & Public Internet Access

La Poule Blanche
Cyber cafe at La Poule Blanche, 123 route Nationale, 45140, Ormes.
Leader best phone
Cyber cafe at Leader best phone, 194 rue Bourgogne, 45000, Orleans.
Public internet access at this cybercafe at 27 rue Lavoisier, 37000, Tours.
Cafe Le Relais Viennois
Cyber cafe at Cafe Le Relais Viennois, 16 quai Aristide Briand, 41000, Blois.
Wag-Web and Games
Public internet access and games at 3 rue Alain Chartier, 37140, Bourgueil.
Cybercafe at Avenue Stendhal Gal March Balzac, 37200, Tours.