Equestrian: Horses & Riding

Equine Dentistry
Qualified and approved equine dental technician covering France. BEVA/BVDA approved and member BAEDT. Professional rider with extensive equestrian experience. Extensive international references available.
Poney Club La Cavale
Poney Club La Cavale at Chemin des Fondereaux, 18100, Vierzon.
Centre Equestre Les Grands
Centre Equestre Les Grands at Les Grands, 18410, Argent-sur-Sauldre.
Riding centre of Le Noisillet
Initiation, improvement, excursions. At Cinais, 37500.
Ecurie De Pegase
Riding centre with many facilities offering a wide range of activities for young and old, official programs, competitions, courses, hacks and randos. Accommodation available. Based in Descartes (37).
Centre Equestre Les Tranches
Centre Equestre Les Tranches at Route de Jouet sur lAubois, 18320, Cours-les Barres.
Centre Equestre Vierzon
Centre Equestre Vierzon at Chemin de la Picardiere, 18100, Vierzon.
Family outings and walks with donkeys, in Amboise forest. Contact: Ghislaine.
Riding centre of Isore
Excursions, riding, carriage trips. At Beaumont en Veron, 37420.
Poney Club de la Bigonniere
Pony riding lessons available. Route de Cottereau, Cangey, 37530.
Ecurie Deuquet
Ecurie Deuquet, Gateau, 18210, St-Pierre-Les-Etieux.
Marechalerie Hordern
English blacksmith, trained in France. Based in Les Etilleux (28) but will travel to shoe more than one horse.
Centre Hippique De Val DAuron (UCPA)
Centre Hippique De Val DAuron (UCPA) at Chemin de Givaudins, 18000, Bourges.
Centre Equestre Poney Club Le Rio Javar
Centre Equestre Poney Club Le Rio Javar at Route de Vallenay, 18, Farges-Allichamps.