Lawyers, Legal Advice & Notaires

Francois Bouchery
Notary to help with property purchase and other legal processes in France.
Bruno Vassor
Legal advice on family, property and business processes in French law.
Edouard Brungs
Legal advice on family matters, property purchase, organizing your estate and more.
Maitre David Athenour
Provides multilingual legal representation and personalized service in various fields.
Frank Granger
Notary services for assistance in various French legal matters.
SCPA & Associes
Maitre Rousseau is an English speaking lawyer dealing with various legal issues.
Alain Pleau
Legal assistance pertaining to house buying, getting married or divorced and starting a business.
Bidault Richard et Associes
Specializes in providing financial, legal and general business advice to companies of all sizes.
Francois Michaud
Notary offers a wide range of legal services in France.
Maitre Jean-Yves Leterme
Law firm dealing with family law, divorce, criminal law and labour law. At 7 rue Hoche, Chinon (37).
Caroline Lambert
Notary for assistance in all French legal processes such as house purchase.