Pre-Schools, Schools & Universities

Institution Notre-Dame La Riche
Institution Notre-Dame La Riche, L.E.G. Saint-Médard (sous contrat)lycee, 30, rue Georges-Delpérier, BP 5813, 37058, Tours. Classes for ages 15-18.
Institution Notre-Dame La Riche
Institution Notre-Dame La Riche, College des Recollets,30, rue Georges-Delpérier, BP 5813, 37058, Tours. Has international classes, welcomes foreign students age 11-15.
OU Business School
Study for an MBA or Masters programme with the leaders in distance learning. The Open University Business School has triple international accreditation (AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA).
Wayne State University
Courses include: History, Art, Literature, Political Science, Geography, Economics, Survival French, and French. All courses taught in English, except French language class. In the heart of the Loire Valley at 100-year old EurAm Abbey, Pontlevoy (41).
Ecole Privee Sainte-Ursule primary school
Ecole Privee Sainte-Ursule (sous contrat) primary school, 10, boulevard Winston Churchill, 37000, Tours.
Institution Notre-Dame La Riche
Institution Notre-Dame La Riche, Ecole Primaire Sainte-Agnes, 30, rue Georges-Delperier, B.P. 5813, 37058, Tours.
Galore Park Publishing Ltd
Publisher of educational resources for pupils striving to achieve top grades. A wide range of textbooks suitable for children aged 8 covering all the key subject areas available to support childrens learning at home as well as home education.
Groupe Scolaire Prive Saint-Denis
Groupe Scolaire Prive Saint-Denis, Lycee (sous contrat), 19, avenue du General-de-Gaulle, BP 146, 37601, Loches Cedex 1.
University of Roehampton Online
The University of Roehampton offers a range of flexible online masters programmes to help change lives and enhance careers. With Roehampton Online, you join an online community from 140 countries, inspired by the potential of a brighter future.
International Business School Riviera
IBS three year Bachelor of Business Administration program, with specializations in International Business, Tourism Management and Technology Management, is specifically designed for international students.